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HLOROPIRAMYN (Chloropyrami-num; synonym: Suprastinum, Allergan S,

Chlorneoantergan, Sinopen, Supra-stin, etc.; joint venture. B) — antihistamine. X - (2-Piridil-G\t-<(/gar2-chlorbenzylium) - X', X' - dimet of l these flax of a diamine a hydrochloride; S16N20SSh3:

On pharmakol. to properties it is close To Dimedrol (see), to isopromethazine (see) and to other antihistaminic substances (see) blocking Hi-gistami-new receptors. Blocking these receptors, X. eliminates an itch, spasms of smooth muscles, reduces permeability of vessels, hypostasis of fabrics warns and weakens other effects of a histamine tied with its action on Н^гистаминовые receptors, but does not influence the effects of a histamine caused by its action on H2 receptors, napr on secretion of glands of a mucous membrane of a stomach. Has also mestnoanesteziruyushchy and spasmolytic properties. On c. the N of page exerts less expressed oppressing impact in comparison with Dimedrol and isopromethazine. It is well soaked up in blood at intake and at intramuscular introduction. Duration of action apprx. the 4th hour.

Apply at an allergic dermatosis (see), napr, at an itch, urticaria (see), eczema (see), and also at allergic rhinitises (see), conjunctivitis (see), a Quincke's edema (see Quincke swelled), pollinoses (see), displays of a medicinal allergy (see), in an initial stage of bronchial asthma (see).

Appoint inside during food the adult 0,025 g to reception 2 — 3

times a day. If necessary the dose is increased, but no more than to 0,15 g a day. To children till 1 year appoint inside 0,002 — 0,005 g;

1 — 5 years — on 0,005 — 0,015 g; 6 — 14 years — on 0,015 — 0,025 g on reception

2 — 3 times a day.

At heavy allergic and anaphylactic reactions it is possible to appoint Chloropyraminum intramusculary or intravenously on 1 — 2 ml of 2% of solution.

Drug is usually transferred well. However in high doses it can cause dizziness and drowsiness, to-rye pass at a dose decline. At diseases of a liver and kidneys drug is appointed with care. To persons, the profession to-rykh demands bystry and exact coordinate movements (e.g., to drivers of transport, etc.) » it is not necessary to appoint Chloropyraminum in operating time.

Form of release: tablets on

0,025 g and ampoules on 1 ml of 2% of solution. Storage: in the place protected from light.

Bibliography: Mashkovsky M. D.

Pharmaceuticals, p.1, page 316, M., 1984. V. K. Muratov.