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HLORETYLOVY BLOCKADE - the method of nonspecific pathogenetic therapy, apparently, a reflex effect used mainly for removal of acute pains of various origin.

X. L. S is offered for the first time. A minor (1935) for removal of pains at neuralgia and Krauss (N. of Kraus, 1935) for the same purpose at injury of ligaments. In the subsequent X. it was applied at pain syndromes of various localization and character, including at stenocardia, so-called bilious colic, etc., and then its began to use at the Bouveret's disease, a long hiccups and other states which are not connected with pain. In sovr. to medical practice of X. use seldom, generally athletes during the sports competitions to the purpose have anesthesia at bruises (see the Bruise), the pains arising owing to the wrong load of separate groups of muscles and a sheaf at sprain and sinews, etc.; in these cases of X. supplement with imposing of a flexible cast and others to lay down. actions. As means of acute management and a component in complex treatment of X. it can be recommended also at a humeroscapular periarthritis (see), radiculitises (cervicothoracic and lumbosacral), a lumbago (see), intercostal neuralgia and an epileptiform neuralgia (see Neuralgia), renal colic. There are messages on antiinflammatory action of X. at superficial thrombophlebitis, and also about a favorable effect at the allergic face edema and drinks caused by a sting of insects. Use chlorine - ethyl blockade and at treatment of the nek-ry dermatitis (see) which is followed by an itch, etc.

X. carry out by irrigation of the site of skin by a stream of Aether chloratus (see) from distance of 20 — 40 cm to a sharp nobeleniye of skin and formation of hoarfrost. In some cases blockade is made repeatedly before complete cessation of pains.

The method is simple, harmless, rather effective and can be applied in the absence of conditions for use sovr. physiotherapeutic equipment.

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N. S. Timofeev.