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HLORBUTYN (Chlorbutinum; synonym: hlorambutsit, Chlorambucilum, Chlor-aminophene, Leukeran, Linfolysin; joint venture. A) — synthetic antineoplastic means;

crystal powder, White or white with a weak-pinkish or creamy shade, not water soluble and well alcohol-soluble belongs to CHLORDIAZEPOXIDE 9.

Chlorbutinum exerts the oppressing impact on a hemopoiesis, is preferential on an adenoid tissue, and tumor cells. In the mechanism of its action reaction an alkilarovaiiya has essential value (see).

Drug is effective at chronic a lymph a leukosis, hl. about river leukemic forms (see Leukoses), a lymphogranulomatosis (see), a lymphosarcoma (see). Full the wedge, remission lasting more than 6 months at hron, a lymphoid leukosis is observed approximately in 40% of cases. At a lymphogranulomatosis on average at a half of patients there occurs objective improvement of a state for a period of 4 up to 12 months. Positive takes of treatment of patients with a multiple myeloma (see), by ovarian cancer (see Ovaries, tumors), Kaposha's sarcoma are described (see Kanouiu sarcoma multiple hemorrhagic).

Chlorbutinum is appointed inside daily in a daily dose of 5 — 20 mg during 4 — 9 weeks. At a chronic lymphoid leukosis the daily dose depends on the maintenance of leukocytes in blood and makes 2 — 10 mg. The course dose fluctuates from 300 to 600 mg (on average apprx. 400 mg) depending on portability of the drug reached effect, etc.

by Lech. the effect of chemotherapy is usually observed by Chlorbutinum on 3 — the 4th week. In the absence of it during 6 weeks further use of Chlorbutinum is unpromising. During the carrying out the supporting chemotherapy the daily dose makes

2 mg (every other day or 1 — 2 time a week). Drug is convenient for out-patient treatment. According to indications conduct repeated courses. Use of Chlorbutinum is often combined with purpose of corticosteroids. It can be used in a combination with other antineoplastic means (see) and radiation therapy (see).

As immunodepressive means (see. Immunodepressive substances), napr, at rheumatism, appoint drug on 5 — 10 mg a day.

Treatment needs to be carried out under control of blood test, to-ry carry out not less than 2 weekly since possibly emergence of a leukopenia, is slightly more rare than anemia and thrombocytopenia. At overdose development menacing leukopenias is possible, up to a pancytopenia. The leukopenia can remain during 2 weeks after drug withdrawal. At falloff of quantity of leukocytes treatment is stopped, carry out hemotransfusion or leukocyte and trombotsitny weight, appoint stimulators of a hemopoiesis, vitamins. Nausea, vomiting, pains in epigastric area is seldom observed.

to Alija's group lira yushchy connection. 3 [d-bis (R-Aether chloratus) aminofenilj-butyric acid:

Use of Chlorbutinum is contraindicated at a serious illness of a liver, kidneys, cardiovascular system, acute diseases went. - kish. a path, a cachexia, at the phenomena of a leukopenia and thrombocytopenia.

Form of release: the tablets containing 0,002 g or 0,005 g (2 and

5 mg) of Chlorbutinum. Store in the dry, cool, protected from light place.

See also Antineoplastic means.

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