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CHLORALI HYDRAS (Chlorali hydras; synonym: Chloradorm, Chloraldurat, Chlo-ralum hydratum, Chloratol, Lycoral, Nycoton, etc.; GFH, joint venture. B) — hypnagogue. 2,2,2-Trikhloretan-diol-1,1; C2H3C1302:

Colourless transparent crystals or fine-crystalline powder with characteristic pungent odor and slightly bitterish taste. Let's very easily dissolve in water, alcohol and ether; 1 °PL 49 — 55 °; pier. weight (weight) 165,4. On air hmedlenno disappears, it is hygroscopic.

Has somnolent, sedative, analgetic and anticonvulsant properties. In high doses causes an anesthesia. However as anesthetic drug is not used because of the insignificant width of narcotic action. In small doses weakens brake processes, and in high doses oppresses processes of excitement in c. N of page. Unlike hypnagogues from group of barbiturates slightly influences duration of paradoxical phasa of a dream.

After intake it is well soaked up from went. - kish. a path, easily gets through fabric barriers of it therefore it is found in maternal milk, an amniotic fluid and in blood of a fruit. In an organism under the influence of alcohol dehydrogenase Chlorali hydras quickly turns in trikhloretanol, to-rogo generally connect its central effects with action. In a liver with participation OVER - dependent fermental system Chlorali hydras is oxidized in an inactive metabolite — trichloroacetic to - that. Trikhloretanol in a liver is exposed to conjugation with glucuronic to - that and loses at the same time pharmakol. activity.

Chlorali hydras is a hypnagogue of long action and causes a dream lasting 6 — 8 hour. The dream comes in 15 — 20 min. after intake.

Drug is used at various frustration of a dream (see the Dream) and as sedative (see). Besides, it is used as an anticonvulsant of hl. obr. at a spasmophilia (see) and eclampsias (see).

Appoint inside and rektalno the adult 0,5 — 1 g (as a hypnagogue) or on 0,2 — 0,5 g (as a calmative). Due to the expressed irritating properties it is reasonable to appoint Chlorali hydras in the form of slizy or in enemas with obvo-l and to and in and yushchy and with r e d with t in and m and.

The highest single doses for adults inside and rektalno: one-time

2 g, daily 6 g.

Reception of Chlorali hydras can be followed by decrease in the ABP. At prolonged use follows learn -

to tyvat a possibility of development of accustoming and medicinal dependence (see). At overdose drug oppresses contractility of a myocardium and exerts toxic impact on parenchymatous bodies. In a dose of 10 g and more causes acute poisoning (see Poisonings, the tab.), symptoms to-rogo are similar to a picture of a poisoning with barbiturates. In several days after poisoning jaundice and a proteinuria as result of toxic effect of drug on a liver and kidneys can develop.

It is contraindicated at diseases of cardiovascular system, a liver and kidneys.

Form of release: powder. Storage: in well corked container protecting from effect of light in the cool place.

ShM. also Hypnagogues.

R. N. Alyautdin.