CHISTOVICH Yakov Alekseevich

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CHISTOVICH Yakov Alekseevich (1820 — 1885) is a domestic hygienist, the judicial physician and the historian of medicine.

Ended in 1843. The St. Petersburg medicochirurgical academy, then served as the army doctor in the Baltic region. In 1848 protected dokt. the thesis about hepatitis, worked as the intern, the assistant to the main doctor of the St. Petersburg military hospital; since 1857 professor of department of forensic medicine and hygiene of the St. Petersburg medicochirurgical academy. Since 1871 but 1875 the chief of this academy.

Ya. A. Chistovich is the author of St. 300 scientific works, including many works on questions of hygiene. It possesses an initiative of creation of the Russia's first independent department of hygiene. It founded the Russia's first medicolegal department in hospital. A big contribution to domestic medicine are historical and medical works Ya. And. Chistovich, in particular «The Russian medicine and Russian doctors» (1851), «Ancient Russian doctor books and herbalists» (1852), «Sketches from history of the Russian medical institutions XVIII of century» (1870). In 1883 the extensive work of Ya. A. Chistovich «History of the first medical schools in Russia» conferred an award of the St. Petersburg academy of Sciences, which is to this day the reference book of historians of medicine was published. In historical and medical works of Ya. A. Chistovich original development and formation of the Russian medicine overcoming a preponderance of foreigners and the obstacles repaired by them in preparation and activity of the Russian doctors is tracked. Ya. A. Chistovich was a hot advocate of female medical education, in days of its management St. Petersburg medico-hirurgiche-skoy the academy in 1872 organized a four-year course of women. He was a founder of the All-Russian medical auxiliary cash desk intended for rendering financial support to the distressed doctors and their families.

The special place in Ya. A. Chistovich's activity was occupied by journalism. He was an editor "«The military-medical magazine», the Friend of Health magazine, from 1861 to

1871 published and edited the weekly newspaper «Meditsinsky Vestnik».

Ya. A. Chistovich combined scientifically pedagogical activity with work in Committee of public health and in the Military-medical academic council, and also in the company of the Russian doctors in St. Petersburg (see). Ya. A. Chistovich consisted the honorary member of many domestic and foreign medical about - century

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E. Ya. Belitskaya.