CHISTOVICH Nikolay Yakovlevich

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CHISTOVICH Nikolay Yakovlevich (1860 — 1926) is a domestic therapist, the infectiologist and the microbiologist.

Ya. A. Chistovich's son.

After the termination in 1884 VMA was left at the therapist to the chesky clinic headed by S.G1. Botkin. In 1887 protected dokt. the thesis executed under the leadership of I. P. Pavlov. In 1887 — 1890 it was improved abroad at I. I. Mechnikov, R. Koch, F. Reklingkhauzen,

E. Leyden, etc. Since 1890 the privatdozent, then the assistant to faculty therapeutic clinic of VMA. Since 1895 the chief physician of hospital at a community of nurses Of St. George in St. Petersburg. In 1898 — 1910 directed department of the general doctrine about infectious diseases with bacteriology of VMA and along with 1900 — department of private pathology and therapy St. Petersburg women's medical in-that (in a crust, time of the 1st Leningrad medical in in-t). Since 1910 and until the end of life the chief of department of faculty therapy of VMA.

N. Ya. Chistovich is the author of the St. 90 scientific works devoted to questions of bacteriology, a patomorfolo-giya, a pathogeny, clinic and treatment of the pneumonia and tuberculosis especially dangerous and others inf. diseases; to changes of blood at inf. diseases; to questions of a patomorfologiya, symptomatology and diagnosis of heart diseases, kidneys and uric ways, and also other problems of internal diseases. He was a supporter of the kliniko-experimental direction in medicine. Its researches of local immunity and pathogenicity of microorganisms are recognized classical. Were opened for them (1908) and antiphagins are described (see Agressina).

The two-volume textbook created by N. Ya. Chistovich was the first Soviet guide to private pathology and therapy of internal diseases and was repeatedly republished. It possesses also articles about

S. P. Botkin, I. I. Mechnikov, L. Pasteur and other works on stories of medicine.

N. Ya. Chistovich was a prominent vra-chom-social activist, one of founders St. Petersburg women's medical in-that, St. Petersburg biological about-va, the chairman Leningrad therapeutic about-va. He directed the All-Russian medical auxiliary cash desk intended for rendering the financial support to the distressed doctors and their families based by his father Ya. A. Chistovich. Participated in fight against epidemics of cholera, plague, sapropyra.

N. Ya. Chistovich is recognized as one of founders of clinic of infectious diseases as scientific discipline and subject of teaching in Russia and the USSR. He created clinical school, a cut M. I. Arinkin, N. K were representatives. Georgiyevsky, S. I. Zlatogorov, N. K. Rosenberg, S. M. Ryss, H. N. Savitsky and

DR-Works: About antiphagins, the Russian doctor., t. 7, No. 26, page 865, 1908 (sovm. with Yurevichy

V. A.); Asian cholera, Pg., 1918; Clinical lectures, Pg., 1918; Course of private pathology and therapy of internal diseases, t. 1 — 2, M. — L., 1924 — 1926.

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