CHISTOVICH Fedor Yakovlevich

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CHISTOVICH Fedor Yakovlevich (1870 — 1942) is the Soviet pathologist and the judicial physician, the doctor of medicine (1895), professor (1908), zasl. scientist of RSFSR (1935). Ya. A. Chistovich's son.

In 1893 ended VMA and it was left at department of pathological anatomy.

At the same time (till

1908) worked as the intern of children's clinic of academy. It was improved abroad, in particular in Pasterovskom in-those at I. I. Mechnikov. Since 1909 the department chair of pathological anatomy medical f-that Kazan un-that. Working in un-those, it was elected the dean f-that, the vice rector. In 1918 — 1921 served in Red Army as the prosector of the Kazan military hospital. Since 1921 and until the end of life headed department of a patanatomiya of the Petrograd (Leningrad) GIDUV; at the same time in-that was professor of the 1st Petrograd (Leningrad) medical (1921 — 1931 and

1935 — 1937), and also

professor (1922 — 1938) State in-that medical knowledge (nowadays Leningrad sanitary and hygienic medical in in-t). In 1941 — 1942 during the Siege of Leningrad remained in the city and continued to work. By the seriously ill patient it was evacuated to Novosibirsk and there died.

t. Ya. Chistovich is the author of St. 60 scientific works, including two managements devoted to hl. obr. to studying of pathology of bodies of a hemopoiesis and inflammatory changes in lungs. In 1929 he offered original classification of diseases of the hemopoietic system. Opening of specific pretsipitin by F. Ya. Chistovich (see Precipitation) formed the basis for development of the reaction which is widely applied in forensic medicine to definition of specific accessory of blood — Chistovich's reactions — Ulenguta.

F. Ya. Chistovich was a chairman Kazan about-va doctors, the chairman Leningrad scientific about-va pathologists and forensic scientists.

Works: About pathoanatomical changes of a brain at Asian cholera, a yew., SPb., 1895; To a question of inherent rickets, Russian arkh. patol., wedge, medical and bakt., t. 2, century 4, page 477, 1896; Changes of properties of blood at injection of foreign serum and blood, in connection with the theory of immunity of Ehrlich'a, in the same place, t. 8, century 1, page 21, 1899; Course of pathological anatomy, century 1 — 2, Kazan, 1919 — 1920; The Practical course of pathological histology, M. — Pg., 1924; The Latest data to classification of general diseases of the hemopoietic device, Works of the 10th congress rubbed. USSR, page 475, JI., 1929.


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