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CHISINAU MEDICAL INSTITUTE Ministries of Health of the Moldavian SSR. It is founded in 1945 when to Chisinau it was transferred medical in-t from Kislovodsk. In creation of the first departments K. m and. professors took part: pathologist F. E. Ageychenko, physiologist A. A. Zubkov, histologist of H. N. Kuznetsov, anatomist A. P. Lavrentyev, surgeons F. M. Golub, A. N. Lvov, S. M. Rubashov, therapists of H. T. Starostenko, N. I. Kornetov, A.S. Fuhrman, pediatrician V. L. Styrikovich, social hygienist M. Ya. Gekhtman, hygienist of X. A. Nikogosyan, psychiatrist A. N. Molokhov, neuropathologist B. I. Sharapov, etc. In structure in-that medical (1945), pediatric (1960), dental (1959), sanitary and hygienic (1963), pharmaceutical (1964) faculties.

Chisinau medical institute. Educational case.

There is a faculty of specialization and improvement of doctors (1962), and also the preparing room.

In 1977/1978 academic year in in-those 4752 students, 125 listeners of the preparing room, 925 doctors cadets studied. Annual enrollment of students grows: in 1945 — 200 people, in 1977 — the 929th persons. For years of existence To. m and. by 1977 10 946 doctors, stomatologists and pharmacists are trained.

Also the material and technical resources in-that extend scientific. There is the 35th wedge, departments on f-those specializations and improvements of doctors and 11 courses on a wedge, to disciplines; the wedge, bases in-that are placed in 17 republican and city to lay down. - professional, medical institutions of Chisinau, among which republican a wedge,-tsa, the 4th city a wedge,-tsy, the children's infectious, republican nursery-tsa,-tsa ambulance, the numbering St. 5000 beds, from them 1710 specialized (cardiological, gastroenterological, pulmonary, endocrinological, nephrological, etc.). In in-those there is the central research laboratory, the museum of history in-that, the library numbering St. 650 thousand volumes, dormitories (12 cases), sanatorium dispensary for students.

At 63 departments K. m and. 40 professors and doctors of science, 113 associate professors, 336 candidates of science work.

Ying t trains research and educational personnel through a postgraduate study, a wedge, an internship, doctoral studies; by 1977 30 doctor's and 506 master's theses are defended. Scientists in-that develop questions of practical health care and common problems of medicine. The considerable contribution was made by employees in-that in elimination in the republic of a number of the diseases which remained of the past or were an effect of fascist occupation (a pellagra, trachoma, malaria, a tularemia, sypny and returnable typhus). Scientific personnel of departments and problem laboratories pays the main attention to studying of regional pathology, the solution of problems of improvement of work in agriculture and processing industry, development of methods of health protection of mother and child. Besides, the etiology and a pathogeny of depressed cases in experimental conditions and clinics, questions of prevention and treatment of diseases of cardiovascular system and lungs, traumatism, preservation and change of fabrics are studied, the ultrastructure and morphology of early stages of atherosclerosis and other problems of theoretical and applied medicine are investigated. F. E. Ageychenko's works devoted patol are published. anatomy of c. N of page, H. X. Anestiadi — a heart surgery and lungs, A. N. Molokhov — clinic of schizophrenia, B. I. Sharapova — to frustration of cerebral circulation, M. Ya. Gekhtmana — to improvement of organizational forms of medical aid to country people. Textbooks on physiology (author A. A. Zubkov), on pharmacology (author E. A. Mukhin), etc. are published.

For a big contribution to development of science to 37 scientists To. m and. the rank of the honored worker of science, 5 — the honored worker of the higher school is given, 42 graduates became honored doctors of the republic. Among graduates in-that there is a Hero of Socialist Work K. A. Draganyuk (see Physicians — Heroes of Socialist Work). Three employees they are winners of the State award Mold. SSR in science and technology of 1977 (V. of X. Anestiadi, E. G. Zota, S. P. Russa).

On base K. m and. a number of large scientific forums is held: The IV All-Union congress of pathologists (1965), the VII All-Union congress of obstetricians-gynecologists (1972), the I All-Union congress of historians of medicine (1973), plenums All-Union about-in cardiologists (1971), pharmacologists (1974), neuropathologists and psychiatrists (1977), etc.; the in-t is a strong point for the international courses of WHO.

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Century of X. Anestiadi.