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CHINOSOLUM (Chinosolum; synonym of Chi-noxyzol, Oxyleine, Sulfoquinol, Suno-xol, etc.; GFH) — an antiseptic agent. 8 Oksikhinolin (C9H7NO)2 H2S04 sulfate:

Fine-crystalline powder of citreous color, with a peculiar smell. Let's easily dissolve in water (1:1,3), it is a little alcohol-soluble, almost insoluble in ether and chloroform; t°njI 175 — 178 °; pier. weight (weight) 388,4.

Has antiseptic and spermatocidal properties. In comparison with other antiseptic agents (see. Antiseptic agents) is less toxic, has practically no local irritative effect and it is not inactivated by proteins of fabrics.

Apply outwardly in the form of water solutions (1:1000 — 1:2000) to disinfection of hands, washing of wounds and ulcers, to syringings, and also in the form of powders (1 — 2%) and ointments (5 — 10%). For processing of surgical instruments it is unsuitable since interacts with metals. Chinosolum of fungicidal properties has data on existence and about its use for treatment of the mycoses caused by dermatophytes and yeast

similar fungi of the sort Candida. Form of release: powder. Hrane

ny — in well corked container.

Chinosolum is also a part of suppositories vaginal «Contraceptinum of the T» used as contraceptive to means.). Suppositories vaginal «Contraceptinum of T» contain (Suppositoria va-ginalia «Contraceptinum T»): Chinosolum of 0,03 g, boric to - you are 0,3 g, a tannin of 0,06 g, a basis for suppositories to 1,6 — 1,95 g

O. V. Okinshevich.