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CHIC Béla (Schick Bela,

1877 — 1967) is the pediatrician and the immunologist, professor (1918), the member of the New York academy of medicine (1934).

B. Chic was born in Hungary. In 1900 graduated from medical faculty un-that in Graz and worked in clinic of pediatrics medical f-that Vienna un-that under the leadership of T. Asher, hectare. Was the assistant (1902), the associate professor, extraordinary professor (1918 — 1923) of this clinic. In

1923 left in the USA. From 1923 to 1942 directed department of pediatrics of the Sinai hospital in New York; along with 1936 for 1943 professor of pediatrics of Medical college of A. Einstein. In 1950 — 1962 directed department of pediatrics in one of hospitals of New York.

B. Shik is an author ok, 180 scientific works devoted to studying of children's diseases, tuberculosis, a serum disease. Its works concerning an etiology, a pathogeny, early diagnosis, prevention of diphtheria and scarlet fever are known. He theoretically proved and in 1913 applied the skin test for definition of a susceptibility to diphtheria which entered practice of pediatrics under his name (see Diphtheria). B. Chic — one of pioneers of development and practical application of artificial nutritious mixes for newborns and babies.

B. Shik was a member of a row American and international scientific medical about - century

of Works: Serumkrankheit, Lpz. — Wien, 1905 (Russian lane, SPb., 1906, sovm. with PirquetC. F.); Die Diphtherietoxin-Hautreaktion des Men-schen ais Vorprobe der prophylaktischen Diphtherieheilseruminjektion, Miinch. med. Wsclir., S, 2608, 1913; Das Pirquetische System der Ernahrung, B., 1919; Child care todey, N. Y., 1932 (sovm. with Rosenson W.); Methodik und Technik der Erforschung der normalen antitoxischen Diphterieimmuni-tat des Menschen, Handb. biol. Arbeits-methoden, hrsg. v. E. Abderhalden, S. 503, B. — Wien, 1933.

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