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CHIC-REACTION (synonym: PAS-reak-

a tion, reaction Schiff - periodic acid) — the histochemical method applied to identification of the carbohydrates containing 1,2-glycolic groups. With the help CHIC reaction in tissues of the person and animals is found by polysaccharides, glikozaminoglikana, mucoproteins, glycoproteins, glycolipids and phospholipids. In practice most often it is used for definition of gli-kozaminoglikan (see Mucopolysaccharides).

Hochkiss's reaction — IAC Manus is the cornerstone of a method (see McManus a method). As a result of reaction dials are formed, to-rye reveal Schiff's reactant (see Schiff a reactant). Intensity of coloring depends on the number of the reacting glycolic groups which are present at fabrics. In the USSR the modification of this reaction developed in 1939

by A is eurysynusic. JI. Shabadash, on a cut oxidation of glycolic groups is made by periodate of potassium or sodium (see Shabadash ways).

See also Histochemical methods of a research.