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CHETYRKIN Roman Sergeyevich (1797 — 1865) is a domestic medical officer, the organizer of health service of the Russian army, the member correspondent. St. Petersburg medicochirurgical academy (1834).

Graduated from the St. Petersburg medikokhirurgichesky academy in 1817, was a junior, then senior doctor of a regiment. Since

1832 the senior doctor of the main apartment of the Russian army which was in the territory of Poland. Since

1833 the chief physician of army, and since 1848 the general headquarters doctor. In 1857 retired.

R. S Chetyrkin is the author of a number of the managements and manuals concerning prevention inf. diseases in troops and military hygiene. For work «Experience of military-medical police or the rule to preservation of health of the Russian soldiers in overland service» (1834) the academic degree of the doctor of medicine was appropriated to it. In its work «Manuals as regards Practical Military-medical Police» (1850) the rights and duties of medical structure in the field of health protection of staff of troops are stated. The reasoning on military medicine in general and in what state there is it in Russia» (1834) where idiosyncrasies of military medicine as the industries of medical science and practice are shown clearly is of great interest «.

R. S. Chetyrkin organized at medical institutions of army the «weak-willed teams» (1836) which were a prototype of the teams recovering (see Hospital for lightly wounded), developed «Rules about supply of army with medical officers and druggists», improved the military-medical account and the reporting.

Works: Experience of military-medical police or the rule to preservation of health of the Russian soldiers in overland service, SPb., 1834; Manuals as regards practical military-medical police, p.1 — 2, Warsaw, 1850.

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