CHETVERIKOV Sergey Sergeyevich

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CHETVERIKOV Sergey Sergeyevich (1880 — 1959) is the Soviet biologist, professor (1938), the Dr.Sci.Biol. (1945).

In 1906 graduated from natural department to a fiziko-matematicha from whom f-that Moscow un-that and it was left at department of a comparative anatomy. From 1909 to 1919 the associate professor of the Moscow high female courses (since 1918 — the 2nd MSU), and since 1919 the associate professor of entomology of 1 MSU. In

1921 — 1929 directed genetic laboratory Ying-that experimental biology. From 1929 to 1935 worked in Sverdlovsk and Vladimir. In 1935 — 1948 the department chair of genetics biological f-that Gorky un-that, along with 1940 for 1947 the dean biological f-that.

S. S. Chetverikov is an author apprx. 30 scientific works on various questions of entomology, biometrics, the theory of evolution, genetics, a row to-rykh brought it world fame.

S. S. Chetverikov for the first time (1905) showed a role of fluctuations of number of populations of organisms — population waves («waves of life», on his terminology) as essential evolutionary factor. It possesses the concept (1915) about a role of an outside skeleton of arthropods and an autoskeleton of vertebrata in their evolution. S. S. Chetverikov's researches of 1926 — 1929 laid the foundation for synthesis of theory of evolution and genetics, creation of the synthetic theory of evolution, emergence of evolutionary and population genetics (see the Geneticist, Darwinism).

Among S. S. Chetverikov's pupils there is an academician of Academy of Sciences of the USSR of B. of JI. Astau-rov. academician of AN of USSR S. M. Gershen-zon, academician of AN of BSSR of P. F. Rokits-ky, etc. In 1959. S. S. Chetverikov was awarded with the German academy of scientists of Jleo-poldin medals of Ch. Darvin.

«Sign of Honour» and medals is awarded the order.

Works: Waves of life, the Diary is evil. otd., Imp. about-va fans of natural sciences, anthropology and ethnography, t. 3, No. 6, page 106, 1905; Major factor of evolution of insects, Izv. Mosk. entomol. about-va, t. 1, page 14, 1915; About some moments of evolutionary process from the point of view of modern genetics, Zhurn. ekspery. biol., it is gray. And, t. 2, century 1, page 3, century 4, page 237, 1926.

Bibliography: Astaurov B. of JT. Two milestones in development of genetic representations, Bulletin Mosk. about-va testers of the nature, Department biol., t. 70, century 4, page 25, 1965; Timofeev-Resovsky N. V. and Glotov N. V. Sergey Sergeyevich Chetverikov. 1880 — 1859, in book: Given owls. geneticists, under the editorship of D. K. Belyaev and V. I. Ivanov, page 69, M., 1980. V. I. Ivanov.