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ChERNOMORDIK (P. Larionov)

Solomon Isayevich (1880 — 1943) is the Soviet doctor, the professional revolutionary, the organizer of health care, the historian. The member of the CPSU since 1902.

Since 1899 studied on natural, and then as medical f-those Moscow un-that. Began to be engaged in revolutionary activity since student's years. Due to the frequent arrests and imprisonments natural un-that ended f-t only in 1910, and gained the diploma of the doctor after passing state exams in 1918. Since 1902 at party work in Moscow, in Ukraine, in Simbirsk, St. Petersburg. In 1905 there was the secretary of the Moscow Committee of RSDRP, an active participant of the December armed revolt. Entered into literary and lecturing group at the Moscow committee of RSDRP. The delegate of the V (London) congress of RSDRP (1907) and the IV RSDRP conference («The third all-Russian») in Helsingfors (1907).

Took part (since 1909) in the insurance movement. In 1913 — 1915 worked in Bacteriological in-those Moscow un-that. During World War I the doctor on the Caucasian front (since 1915). After the February revolution of 1917 was the chairman of the board of soldier's deputies in Qazvin and the delegate of the 1st congress of the Caucasian army.

After Great October socialist revolution S. I. Cher-nomordik in Moscow at party work, participates in the organization of the Soviet health care, heading department of labor protection of Nar-komtruda of RSFSR (1918 — 1919). In 1919 — 1920 he on East and Southern fronts of civil war was the chief of a sanitary part of the 14th army. S. I. Chernomor-dik was one of initiators of creation and (1921 — 1926) Istpart's manager — the Commissions but stories of the October revolution and RCP(b) at the Central Committee of party. At the same time in 1922 — 1924 the director of the Red Moscow exhibition; on the basis of this exhibition in 1924 the Museum of revolution of the USSR was created, the Crimea

S. I. Cherno a pestilence is wild directed till

1928. In 1928 — 1930 the representative Narkomzdrava of RSFSR in Berlin; from 1932 to 1938 the member of presidium of the Central Committee of the International organization of the help to fighters of revolution (MOPR), the delegate of the World congress of MOPR (Moscow, 1932).

Since 1938 worked as the senior research associate, the head of the sector of history of the Soviet period in Ying-those stories of Academy of Sciences of the USSR. In 1941

voluntarily entered Red Army, was the commissioner evakogospitalya, however it is for health reasons demobilized. Till last days lives worked in Ying-those stories.

The main direction of scientific research — revolution of 1905 in Moscow, G. V. Plekhanov's heritage.

S. I. Chernomordik is an author and the editor of a number of works on history of the CPSU and revolutionary movement. Bibliography: S. I. shoemakers,

Doctors are participants of fight for a victory of October (N. A. Kost, S. I. Chernomordik), Owls. zdravookhr., No. 7, page 74, 1968.