CHERNOGUBOV Nikolay Aleksandrovich

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CHERNOGUBOV Nikolay Aleksandrovich (1883 — 1942) is the Soviet dermatovenerologist, the doctor of medical sciences, professor (1935).

In 1906 ended medical f-t Moscow un-that, worked at department of skin and venereal diseases under the leadership of A. I. Pospelov

and G. I. Meshchersky. In 1914 — 1917 the doctor of naval hospital. In

1917 was returned to department and worked as the assistant till 1933. In 1933 — 1941 the department chair of skin and venereal diseases of the 2nd

MMI, and in

1941 — 1942 — the 1st MMI.

N. A. Chernogu-bov is an author apprx. 70 scientific works devoted to problems of a dermatovenereology. He is a founder of quantitative methods of serological diagnosis of syphilis. Are described by it a chronic deep ulcer and vegetans pyoderma (see), a chronic trichophytosis of adults (together with S. JI. Bogrov). In 1926 N. A. Chernogubov and A. Ya. Pelevina revealed and described cases of a trikhofitiyny erythrosis with damage of mucous membranes of a hard and soft palate, limf, nodes, cartilages and other internals.

N. A. Chernogubov offered a method of a preparation of material (a scale of skin, etc.) the method of a roentgenotherapy of fungus diseases is also developed for microscopic examination on existence of parasitic fungi (Chernogubov's method). Methods of vaccinotherapy and vaccinal prevention of mycoses are offered them. N. A. Chernogubov participated in studying of a role of the general and local immunity at superficial dermatomycoses, including in the course of treatment. In the USSR it introduced topical administration of thallium at treatment of fungal diseases of a pilar part of the head for the first time.

N. A. Chernogubov was a chairman Moscow scientific about-va dermatologists and venereologists, the editor of the «Bulletin of Venereology and Dermatology» magazine.

Works: To a technique of bakterioskopichesky diagnosis of fungus diseases of skin and its appendages, Russian vestn. dermas., t. 2, No. 8, page 658, 1924; Zur Frage der chronischen Pyodermie, Arch. Derm. Syph. (Berl.), Bd 149, S. 76, 1925; New data in the doctrine on a trichophytosis, Russian vestn. dermas., t. 4, No. 1, page 2, No. 2, page 111, No. 3, page 216, 1926 (sovm. from Pelevina A. Ya.); Dermatomycoses, in book: Bases wedge., ekspery. and social venerol. and dermas., under the editorship of

V. M. Bronner, etc., t. 1, page 478, M. — JT., 1931; Achievements of a modern

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