CHERNIHIV Vladimir Nikolaevich

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CHERNYGOVSKY Vladimir Nikolaevich (1907 — 1981) is the Soviet physiologist, the academician of AN (1960) and AMN (1950). Colonel of health service.

Ended in 1930 medical f-t Perm un-that, worked as the assistant to department of physiology Orenburg veterinary in-that, and then (1932 — 1937) departments of physiology Sverdlovsk medical in-that. In 1937 — 1941 worked in Ying-those experimental medicine and at the same time in the 3rd Leningrad medical in-those (nowadays Leningrad pediatric medical with in-t). From 1941 to 1953 the teacher, and then the chief of department of physiology of Naval medical academy. Doctor of medical sciences (1942), professor (1944).

In 1953 — 1959 the director Ying-that normal and pathological physiology of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences (nowadays Ying t of the general pathology and pathological physiology of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences), and from 1959 to 1977 ran Ying volume of physiology of I. P. Pavlov Academy of Sciences of the USSR.

In 1953 — 1956 V. N. Chernigovsky was the vice-president of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences, and from 1963 to 1967 akademi Departments of Department of physiology of Academy of Sciences of the USSR.

V. N. Chernigovsky is the author of St. 200 scientific works, including 7 monographs. Its scientific research was devoted to hl. obr. to studying of interoceptive reflexes, functional relationship of a cerebral cortex and internals, a role of a nervous system in pathology, and also to definition of projections of afferent systems of internals in a cerebral cortex, a thalamus, a cerebellum and to a reticular formation, clarification of effects of disturbance of the interetseptivny alarm system and establishment of a protective and compensatory role intero reflexes.

V. N. Chernigovsky was one of founders of space physiology and medicine in our country.

V. N. Chernigovsky was board member Vsesoyuznogo physiological about-va of I. P. Pavlov, the chairman Moscow physiological about-va, the editor-in-chief of «Physiological magazine of the USSR of I. M. Sechenov», the editor of «The bulletin of experimental biology and medicine». He was a full member of the International academy

of astronautics (1965), the corresponding member of the Romanian academy of Sciences (1960), the member Meditsinskogo about-va it. Ya. Pur-kinye (1962). V. N. Chernigovsky was conferred an award of I. P. Pavlov of Academy of Sciences of the USSR for the research «Afferent Systems of Internals» (1944), the Gold medal of I. P. Pavlov of Academy of Sciences of the USSR (1964) for a cycle of works in the field of neurophysiology and corticovisceral relationship, an award of I. M. Sechenov of Academy of Sciences of the USSR (1974) for the monograph «Cortical and Subcortical Representation of Visceral Systems» (sovm. from S. S. Musyashchi-kova).

V. N. Chernigovsky was elected the deputy of the Supreme Council of the USSR V] and VI1 of convocations.

It is awarded by two awards of the Labour Red Banner, the Order of Friendship of the people, an award of the Red Star and medals.

Works: Research of receptors of internals, yew., L., 1940; Afferent systems of internals, Kirov, 1943; Questions of nervous control of system of blood, M., 1953 (sovm. with Yaroshevsky A. Ya.); About mechanisms of regulation of a tone of blood vessels, M., 1954; Interoceptors, M., 1960; Value of the interoceptive alarm system in a feeding behavior of animals, M. — D., 1962; Neyrofiziologich

sky analysis of a corticovisceral reflex arc, JI., 1967; Regulation of an erythrogenesis, L., 1967 (sovm. with other); Cortical and subcortical representation of visceral systems, L., 1973 (sovm. with Mu-syashchikovoy S. S.); I. M. Sechenov's Ideas about «dark» feelings and their further development, M., 1976; Accustoming in visceral systems, L., 1980 (sovm. with other).

Bibliography: Vladimir Nikolaevich Chernigovsky (To the 50 anniversary since birth), Fiziol. zhurn. USSR, t. 43, No. 4, page 374, 1957; Vladimir Nikolaevich Chernigovsky, To the 70 anniversary since birth, in the same place, t. 63, No. 2, page 169, 1977.

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