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CHYORMAK Johann (Czermak Johann Nepomuk, 1828 — 1873) is the Czech physiologist.

Studied in Karlovy un-those in Prague, in 1845 continued medical education in Vienna and completed it in 1849 in Breslau (nowadays Wroclaw). In 1850 received degree of the doctor of medicine. Its thesis was devoted to microscopical anatomy of teeth. I. Chermak worked as the assistant in Physiological in-those in Prague under the leadership of Ya. Pur-kinye. Since 1858 taught and conducted research work in Vienna un-those. and since 1869 — in Leipzig un-those.

The initial stage of scientific activity of I. Chermak was devoted to anatomo-physiological researches in zoology. Later he studied fiziol. mechanisms of a voice and speech. I. Chermak is considered one of initiators of introduction to medical practice of an indirect laringoskopiya (see); he created and improved a number of the tools used at diagnosis of diseases of an eye, ear and nose.

Works: Gesammelte Schriften, Bd 1 — 2, Lpz., 1879.