CHECHULIN Sergey Ionovich

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CHECHULIN Sergey Ionovich (1894 — 1937) is the Soviet physiologist and the pathophysiologist, the doctor of medical sciences (1935), professor (1933).

In 1917 ended medical f-t Moscow un-that and it was left the assistant to the prosector of department of normal anatomy, and then began to work at department of pathological physiology medical f-that Moscow un-that (nowadays as the 1st MMI). Since 1931 the associate professor, and since 1933 professor and the department chair of pathological physiology sanitary and hygienic f-that the 1st MMI. Received experimental and methodical preparation in I. P. Pavlov and N. P. Kravkov's laboratories.

S. I. Chechulin is an author more than 30 scientific works. During the studying of conditioned reflexes he established all-biological value of fading of an orientative research reflex and an opportunity not only partial, but also full suppression of a conditional and secretory feeding response by it. It was for the first time found out by it that activity of trypsin and a lipase of a pancreas is defined by character of food of an animal.

S. I. Chechulin together with S. S. Bryukhonenko designed the first-ever cardiopulmonary bypass (see). It made unique experiments with the isolated head of a dog in the conditions of artificial circulation and the possibility of long experience of a brain is proved. It made the significant contribution to formation and development of resuscitation (see).

At the initiative of S. I. Chechulin in 1933 at the 1st MMI the USSR's first independent structural division of medical higher education institution intended for conducting pilot studies — the Central research laboratory was organized (see), a cut his name was appropriated afterwards.

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