CHEBOTARYOV Dmitry Fedorovich

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CHEBOTARYOV Dmitry Fedorovich (sort. in 1908) — the Soviet therapist, the gerontologist and the geriatrician, the academician of AMH (1966), zasl. scientist of USSR (1964), winner of the State award USSR (1984). Member of the CPSU.

In 1933 ended Kiev medical in-t. Since

1936 worked in therapeutic clinic in-that under the leadership of

V. N. Ivanov. During the Great Patriotic War directed department of evacuation hospital. In 1945 — 1953 the employee Ying-that clinical physiology of AN of USSR where worked under the leadership of N. D. Strazhesko. In 1953 protected dokt. the thesis devoted to pathology of pregnancy. Professor (1954). From 1954 to 1961 D.F. Chebotaryov is the department chair of therapy Kiev U V GUIDE, along with 1958 the head of department of age changes of internals of scientific research institute of gerontology and experimental pathology of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences (nowadays Ying t of gerontology of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences). Since 1961 director of it in-that. In 1970 D.F. Chebotaryov on base in-that organized and headed department of gerontology and geriatrics of the Kiev GIDUV.

D.F. Chebotaryov is the author of St. 200 scientific works. Its first works were devoted to gastroenterology, to features of functions of cardiovascular system and exchange at pregnancy it is normal also at pathology. In the subsequent D.F. Chebotaryov concentrated attention on clinical physiology and pathology of internals at advanced and senile age, geriatric cardiology and pharmacotherapy. D.F. Chebotaryov directs development and deployment of new forms of the organization of the medico-social help to people of advanced and senile age, training of medics in fundamentals of gerontology (see) and geriatrics (see). The state award USSR is conferred for researches of mechanisms of aging fiziol. systems as premises of development of pathology of nervous, cardiovascular and musculoskeletal systems, and also for development and deployment of new diagnostic methods and treatment.


D.F. Chebotaryov is the chairman Vsesoyuznogo about-va gerontologists and geriatricians (since 1963), the editor-in-chief redotdet «Gerontology and geriatrics» of BME. In 1972 — 1975 he was the president of the International Association of Gerontologists (IAG), in 1972 the president of the IX International congress of gerontologists (Kiev), since 1978 the member of council the MAGICIAN. The honorary member of a row foreign scientific about - century. Since 1961 is a member of medical commission of the International federation of fighters of Resistance, actively participates in the congresses of federation, it is awarded by an honourable medal of this organization (1980). It is awarded honourable medals Geriatric

about-va the USA (1969), Karlov un-that in Prague (1972), etc.

It is awarded the order the October Revolution, three awards of the Labour Red Banner, medals, the Certificate of honor of Presidium of the Supreme Council of USSR and also the Gold medal of ENEA (1981).

Works: Diverticulums of a stomach, Kiev, 1947 (sovm. with Ivanov V. N.); Internal pathology in clinic of obstetrics and gynecology, Kiev, 1960; Cardiovascular system during the aging, L., 1967 (sovm.

with Frolkis V. V.); Fundamentals of gerontology, M., 1969 (bus of a number of hl. and edition sovm. with other); Guide to gerontology, M., 1978 (bus of a number of hl. and edition sovm. with other); Handbuch der Gerontologie, Bd 1 — 4, Jena, 1978 — 1979 (edition sovm. с^др.); Improvement of the therapeutic help and geriatrics, Rubbed. arkh., t. 52, No. 8, page 4, 1980; Atherosclerosis and age, D., 1982 (bus

of a number of hl. and edition sovm. with other); Guide to geriatrics, M., 1982 (bus of a number of hl. and edition sovm. with other).

Bibliography: Dmitry Fedorovich Chebotaryov (To the 70 anniversary since birth), Cardiology, t. 18, No. 12, page 131, 1978.

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