CHAZOV Evgeny Ivanovich

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CHAZOV Evgeny Ivanovich (sort. in 1929) — the Soviet cardiologist, the organizer of health care and the public figure, Hera of Socialist Work (1978), the member of the Central Committee of the CPSU since 1982, the academician of AN (1979) and AMN (1971), the winner Leninskoy (1982) and the State awards (1969, 1976), the winner of an award of Council of ministers

of the USSR (1977), zasl. scientist of RSFSR (1974), zasl. scientist of the Uzbek SSR (1979).

In 1953 ended Kiev medical in-t, and in 1957 a clinical internship of the 1st MMI. Since

1957 worked in Ying-those therapies of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences, holding positions of the intern, senior research associate, deputy director, and from 1965 to 1975 directors in-that (in 1967 by in-t it was transformed to scientific research institute of cardiology of A. JI. Myas-nikova). Doctor of medical sciences (1964), professor (1965). Since 1967 E. I. Chazov the chief of the Fourth head department at M3 of the USSR, since 1968 the deputy minister of health care of the USSR. Along with 1976 the director of All-Union cardiological scientific center of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences.

E. I. Chazov is the author of St. 300 scientific works, including 9 monographs devoted to problems of clinical cardiology, basic researches of physiology and biochemistry of cardiovascular system. Ratios between damage of walls of arteries, their spasm, disturbances of system of a blood coagulation and anticoagulative system, an intravascular trombogenez were established to them. Under the leadership of E. I. Chazov and with his direct participation anticoagulative drug fibrinolysin and the first-ever immobilized thrombolytic enzyme — Streptodecasum was created and implemented in clinical practice. For theoretical, experimental and clinical justification of use of the immobilized enzymes for treatment of cardiovascular diseases E. I. Chazov was conferred Leninskoy of an award.

The methods of controlling developed by E. I. Chazov and his employees with life-threatening disturbances of a rhythm and conductivity of heart at a myocardial infarction allowed to formulate indications to use of pharmaceuticals, schemes of their introduction, and also the indication to a countershock and cardiac activation at a myocardial infarction. The original system of rehabilitation of patients with a myocardial infarction offered by E. I. Chazov and implemented in clinical practice was highly effective in the medical and economic relation. Scientific research in the field of clinic and treatment of a myocardial infarction allowed E. I. To Chazov together with group of researchers for the first time in the world to create the system of step-by-step treatment of patients with a myocardial infarction accepted in a crust, time in all medical institutions of the USSR and also to develop the principles of primary prevention (see Prevention primary) cardiovascular diseases. For the organization of treatment of patients with a myocardial infarction and new methods of therapy E. I. Chazov was conferred the State award USSR.

E. I. Chazov is the founder of the Soviet school of the theoretical cardiology studying functions of heart and its metabolism is normal also at pathology at the cellular, subcellular and molecular levels. Under its management the kreatinfosfatny way of transport of energy in a myocardium is for the first time studied. Results of this work were registered as opening (1977). Works E. I. Chazova in the field of power of a myocardium, regulation of action of the heart, a research of biologically active agents and creation of new dosage forms gained the international recognition.

For the monograph «Fibrinferments and Embolisms in Clinic of Internal Diseases» E. I. Chazov was conferred an award of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences of S. P. Botkin (1967), and for the monograph «Sketches of Urgent Cardiology» — awards of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences of A. L. Myas-nikov (1977).

E. I. Chazov conducts big scientific and organizational work, being a member of Presidium of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences, the chairman of Scientific council of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences on cardiovascular diseases. According to its offer and under its management the network of republican scientific research institutes of cardiology is created, the State program of scientific research on cardiology is developed, the Public cardiological service of the USSR is organized.

E. I. Chazov is the member of editorial board and the editor-in-chief «Cardiology» of BME, the member of scientific and editorial council of BSE, the editor-in-chief of the Therapeutic Archive magazine, the member of editorial boards of a number of the Soviet, foreign and international scientific periodicals redotdet.

E. I. Chazov is chairman Vsesoyuznogo scientific about-va cardiologists, the board member Vsesoyuznogo and All-Russian scientific about-in therapists, the honorary member of the American association of heart, Academy of Sciences of GDR, Swedish scientific medical about-va and a row foreign cardiological about-in, honourable doctor Iyenskogo (GDR) and Karlova (ChSSR) of high fur boots. E. I. Chazov is a cochairman of the international movement of doctors «Doctors of the world for prevention of nuclear war», a cut in 1985 is awarded Nobel Peace Prize.

E. I. Chazov is the deputy of the Supreme Council of the USSR of the ninth, tenth, eleventh convocations, the delegate XXV, XXVI and XXVII congresses of the CPSU.

It is awarded by four Orders of Lenin and other awards.

Works: A role of disturbance of anticoagulative mechanisms in developing of coronary thrombosis and a new method of its treatment, a yew., M., 1963; Fibrinferments and embolisms in clinic of internal diseases, M., 1966; Disturbances of a heart rhythm, M., 1972 (sovm. with Bogolyubovy V. M.); Sketches of urgent cardiology, M., 1973; The Epiphysis, the place and a role in system of neuroendocrinal regulation, M., 1974 (sovm. with Isachenkovy

V. A.); Anticoagulants and fibrinolitic means, M., 1977 (sovm. with «Pan-other K. M.); Coronary insufficiency (achievement of theoretical and clinical cardiology), M., 1977 (sovm. with other); Development of cardiology in the USSR in 1971 — 1975 years, M., 1977; Urgent problems of a gemostaziologiya, Molekulyarnobiologichesky and physiological aspects, M., 1979 (sovm. with other); Dislipoprotei-demiya and coronary heart disease, M., 1980 (sovm. with other); Cardiology in the USSR, M., 1982 (sovm. with other); Guide to cardiology, t. 1 — 4, M., 1982 (bus of a number of hl. and edition); Nuclear war, the Point of view of the Soviet scientists-physicians, M., 1984 (sovm „with other).

Bibliography: To the academician E. I. Chazov — 50 years, Vestn. Academy of Sciences of the USSR, No. 9, page 139, 1979; Evgeny Ivanovich Chazov, Doctor, business, No. 5, page 115, 1979. V. A. Bogoslovsky.