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CHAUDKHURI Kshirode (Chaudhuri Ksliirode, sort. in 1901) — Indian pediatrician, professor (1947), academician. Academies of Sciences of India.

Left medical college un-that in Calcutta in 1931. Specialized on pediatrics in the medical centers of Austria, Germany, Switzerland. From 1932 to 1947 worked as the pediatrician, and then the chief pediatrician in Chattarangsky central children's hospital. Since 1953 the director Indian in-that health protection of children in Calcutta.

K. Chaudkhuri is the author of St. 90 scientific works on questions of pediatrics, the general pathology and medical genetics. Its researches on problems of frustration of a metabolism, infectious and tropical diseases, dystrophies, acute diarrhea are known. It possesses the works devoted to studying of a kariotii of newborns is normal also at anomalies of development, to studying of nucleoproteids of chromosomes is normal also at inborn cirrhosis, Turner's syndrome (see

Turner a syndrome) both other inborn and hereditary diseases.

To. Chaudkhuri is the founder All-Indian about-va pediatricians (1947), one of initiators of creation of the centers of pediatrics in Calcutta, Bombay, New Delhi, the member of a row Indian, international scientific about-in pediatricians, the honorary member Vsesoyuznogo scientific about-va children's doctors in the USSR (1957).

Works: Was wird aus den Kindern mit Hirsch-sprungscher Krankheit? Arch. Kinderheiik., Bd 97, S. 29, 1932;

Treatment of acute diarrhea in infants, Indian J. Pediat., v. 4, p. 85, 1937; Pattern of amino-acid excretion in urine of dystrophic children, ibid., v. 27, p. 389, 1960 (sovm. with Mis-hectare R. P.); The chromosome number in man, ibid., v. 30, p. 75, 1963 (sovm. with Chaudhuri A.); Breast feeding, ibid., v. 31, p. 276, 1964; The karyotype in Sen’s syndrome (infantile cirrhosis of the liver), ibid., p. 309 (sovm. with Chaudhuri A.); Ecology and public health aspects of nutritional disorders, ibid., v. 36, p. 469, 1969; Spedro-photometric characteristics of cholera phage phi 2 DNA, J. gen. Virol., v. 49, p. 433, 1980 (sovm. with Maiti M.); Interaction of ber-berine chloride with naturally occurring deoxyribonucleic acids, Indian J. Biochem. Biophys., v. 18, p. 245, 1981 (sovm. Maiti M.).

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