CHARUKOVSKY Akim Alekseevich

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CHARUKOVSKY Akim Alekseevich (1798 — 1848) is a domestic medical officer.

After the termination in 1820. Served the St. Petersburg medicochirurgical academy as the doctor in grenadierial and leyb-guards egersky regiments, was involved in the Russian-Turkish war (1828 — 1829). Defended the doctoral dissertation on «About an Edema» in 1825. From 1837 to 1844 headed department of medical department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Since 1844 the senior doctor of military school and battalion of military kantonist in Voronezh.

The greatest popularity the fundamental work of A. A. Charukovsky «Military and marching medicine» in 5 parts conferred the Demidovsky award was also highly appreciated. It covered all primary branches of military medicine according to the level of development of medical science of the time and generalized experience of medical providing the Russian army at the beginning of 19 century both in peace, and in wartime. Also other capital work

of A. A. Charukovsky directly related to medical geography is widely known — «The traditional medicine applied to the Russian life and a raznoklimatnost of Russia», published in 5 parts during the period from 1840 to 1845. A. A. Charukovsky actively cooperated in «The military-medical magazine» and the medical newspaper «Drug Zdraviya», publishing articles on clinical and hygienic subjects. Works: De hydrope in genere, diss., Petropoli, 1825; Notes on the alternating fever epidemic dominating in Moldova and its vicinities, Voyen. - medical zhurn., t. 13, No. 2, page 247, 1829; Voyennopokhodny medicine, p.1 — 5, SPb., 1836 — 1837; The Traditional medicine applied to the Russian life and a raznoklimatnost of Russia, p.1 — 5, SPb., 1840 — 1845.

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