CHAIKA Andronicus Arkhipovich

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CHAIKA Andronicus Arkhipovich (1881 — 1968) is the Soviet surgeon-urologist, zasl. scientist of USSR (1947). Major general of medical service.

Member of the CPSU.

In 1911 ended VMA and it was left the graduated in a military academy at department of hospital surgery, vozglavlyavsh e y with I

S. P. Fedorov. In 1914 protected dokt. the thesis «To the equipment of a nephrotomy». In 1914 — 1917 worked in field hospitals and was the chief surgeon of the Southwest front. Since 1918 in Red Army at a position of the chief of surgical department of the Kiev district military hospital. In 1919 organized and headed urology department in hospital. Combined service in Red Army since 1922 with teaching activity. From 1922 to 1928 the associate professor of urology Kiev medical in-that, then since 1928 professor, the department chair of urology of the Kiev GIDUV, a cut directed till 1941. In days of the Great Patriotic War A. A. Chaika was the chief of surgical department of hospital, the chief surgeon of the front evacuation center of the 3rd Ukrainian front. Since 1945 chief surgeon of the Kiev district military hospital. Along with 1946 for 1961 the department chair of urology Kiev medical in-that. In 1953 left ranks of the Soviet Army and it was appointed the chief urologist of M3 of USSR.

A. A. Chaika is an author apprx. 100 scientific works devoted to damages and diseases of kidneys and other bodies of system of urination, diseases of a prostate, seed bubbles, and also problems of purulent surgery. It developed the original equipment of a nephrotomy and recovery of back department of an urethra at its obliteration on a big extent.

A. A. Chaika was the honorary member Vsesoyuznogo about-va urologists, the initiator and the organizer Ukrainian and Kiev scientific about-in urologists. Under its management the first conference of the Ukrainian urologists (1934) and the I Ukrainian congress of urologists (1938) were held.

A. A. Chaika was an editor of redot-business «Urology» of the 2nd prod. BME, associate editor of the Urologiya magazine.

In 1961. The presidium of the Supreme Council of USSR awarded A. A. Chaika with the Certificate of honor and appropriated his name to clinic of urology Kiev medical in-that.


Is awarded by the Order of Lenin, two awards of the Red Banner, an award of the Red Star and medals. Works: To the equipment of a nephrotomy, Experimental clinical trial, SPb., 1914; Damages and diseases of ureters, Management prakt. hir., under the editorship of

S. S. Girgolava, etc., t. 7, page 177, M. — L., 1931; Operational treatment of diseases of a prostate, in book: Operational Urals., under the editorship of S. P. Fedorov and R. M. Fronstein, page 303, M. — L., 1934; Operational le

cheniye of diseases of seed bubbles, in the same place, page 321.

Bibliography: Uniform Yu. G. K to the 100 anniversary since the birth of

professor A. A. Chaika, Urol. and nefrol., No. 6, page 53, 1981; P r about with to at r and O. V. The honored worker of science, professor A. A. Chaika, To the 80 anniversary since birth, Urology, No. 6, page 83, 1961. V. S. Karpenko.