CHAGOVETS Vasily Yuryevich

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CHAGOVETS Vasily Yuryevich (1873 — 1941) is the Soviet physiologist, the academician of AN of USSR (1939).

In 1897 ended VMA. Still being a student of a third year worked in physiological laboratory under the leadership of I. R.

Tarkhanov, investigating influence of various poisons on the electric phenomena in muscles of a frog. Since 1900 the employee of department of physiology of VMA headed by I. P. Pavlov. In 1903 Yu. Chagovets protected dokt. the thesis on the subject «Sketch of the Electric Phenomena on Living Tissues from the point of view of the Latest Physical and Chemical Theories». Since 1909 professor of department of pharmacology Kharkiv un-that, and from 1910 to 1938 professor and the head of department of physiology medical f-that Kiev un-that (nowadays Kiev medical in-t).

V. Yu. Chagovets is an author apprx. 30 scientific works devoted to various questions of an electrophysiology.

Creation of the ionic (diffusion) theory of an origin of bioelectric potential (1896) was the most important achievement of V. Yu. Chagovts, according to a cut the irritations which are formed in the place or damages of fabrics acid metabolic products dissociate on positively and the negatively charged ions having different diffusion rate through biol. membranes that causes emergence of electric activity of nerves and muscles (see Excitement). It developed the condenser theory of irritation (1903) explaining the mechanism of irritant action of electric current on living tissues. From other works of V. Yu. Chagovts it is necessary to celebrate researches on an elektrogastrografiya. He was one of pioneers of use of a mathematical method in physiology.

V. Yu. Chagovets was a member of editorial board of «Russian of the physiological magazine» (nowadays «Physiological magazine of the USSR of I. M. Sechenov»). At the XII Pirogovsky congress (1913) he was the Honorary Chairman of biological section.

Works: About use of the theory of dissociation of Arrhenius to the electric phenomena on living tissues, Zhurn. Russian fiziko-chemical about-va, t. 28, century 5, page 431, 1896; The Sketch of the electric phenomena on living tissues from the point of view of the latest physical and chemical theories, a yew., century 1 — 2, SPb., 1903 — 1906; To a question of the nature of irritant action of electric current on living tissues, the Doctor, business, No. 4, page 367, 1935;

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