CHAGIN Konstantin Petrovich

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CHAGIN Konstantin Petrovich (1913 — 1986) is the Soviet parasitologist and the epidemiologist, the member correspondent of AMH (1974). Colonel of health service. The member of the CPSU since 1937.

In 1937 ended VMA. Pupil of E. N. Pavlovsky.

From 1937 to 1939 the doctor of a shooting regiment, then (1939 — 1946) employee of Virus laboratory. In 1938 — 1941,

1943 and 1945 participated in the expeditions directed by E. N. Pavlovsky, on studying in the Far East of encephalitis and a hemorrhagic nephrosonephritis. Participant of the Great Patriotic War. From 1946 to 1952 the graduated in a military academy, then the research associate of department of the general biology with parasitology of VMA. In 1952 — 1969 the chief of research department of scientific research institute. Doctor of medical sciences (1966), professor (1968). In 1969 — 1979 K. P. Chagin the director Ying-that medical parasitology and tropical medicine of E. I. Martsinov-sky of M3 of the USSR. Since 1979 the senior research associate of the All-Russian Research Institute of biological instrument making of the Ministry of the medical and microbiological industry of the USSR.

K. P. Chagin is the author of the St. 120 scientific works devoted to hl. obr. parasitology and epidemiology of transmissible natural and focal diseases, ecology of carriers and justification of rational measures of fight against them. He paid special attention to questions of development and deployment of measures of prevention of encephalitis, problems of epidemiology of malaria and other transmissible diseases, and also theoretical problems of medical parasitology.

To. P. Chagin was the chairman of the allied problem commission «Parasitic diseases of the person and their prevention»

of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences (1971 — 1978), the member of bureau of Department of hygiene, microbiology and epidemiology of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences (1974-1980) and presidium of Academic medical council of M3 of the USSR (1971 — 1978).

K. P. Chagin was an editor of red-department «Epidemiology. Infectious and parasitic diseases» BME; editor-in-chief of the «Medical Parasitology and Parasitic Diseases» magazine (1972 — 1979).

It is awarded the order the Red Banner, an award of Patriotic war

of the 2nd degree, three awards of the Red Star and medals.

Works: The reasons of seasonality and irregularity of epidemics of autumn (Japanese) encephalitis in Primorsky Krai and a possibility of creation of the epidemic forecast for a season, Zhurn. mikr., epid. and immun., No. 3, page 73, No. 12, page 54, 1946; Midges (blood-sicking flies), its value and measures of fight, JI., 1951 (sovm. with other); Studying of action of antibiotics from group of streptothricin on blood-sicking mosquitoes, Medical parazitol., t. 44, No. 2, page 195, No. 5,

page 580, 1975, t. 45, No. 2, page 209, No. 3, page 340, 1976 (sovm. with other); The Problem of delivery of malaria from abroad in the USSR, in the same place, t. 45, No. 4, page 396, 1976 (sovm. with other); The main directions and perspectives of scientific research on medical parasitology for 1976 — 1980, in the same place, t. 46, No. 1, page 3, 1977; The State and perspectives of scientific research on immunology of parasitic diseases, in the same place, t. 47, No. 6, page 10, 1978. A. A. Zemskaya.