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TsERVITsYT (cervicitis; lat. cervix, cervicis a neck, a neck + - itis) — an inflammation of a neck of uterus.

The cervicitis results from penetration into the channel of a neck of uterus of stafilokokk, streptococci, colibacillus, enterococci more often, is more rare — gonokokk and trichomonads, and also various viruses. A certain role in development of C. chlamydias and a mephitic gangrene play. Rather seldom the C meets. tubercular and syphilitic etiology.

Developing of a disease is promoted by the ruptures of a neck of uterus which are not sewn up after the delivery (see) and crotches (see), omission of generative organs, irritation of a neck of uterus chemical or mechanical contraceptives (see), inflammatory processes in a vagina, a uterus and its appendages, weakening of an organism at somatopathies.

C. happens acute, subacute and chronic. The disease, as a rule, begins with damage of a mucous membrane of the channel of a neck of uterus — an endocervicitis with the subsequent involvement in process of a stroma. In acute and on complete stages vasodilatation, accumulation of leukocytes around vessels and glands, sometimes — perivascular and periglandulyarny abscesses is observed. In hron. stages of a disease the neck of uterus is hypertrophied, elasticity and its turgor are reduced, around vessels and glands along with leukocytes find also plasmocytes.

The wedge, a picture depends on a stage of a disease. At acute process of patients mild pains in the bottom of a stomach, unpleasant feelings in a vagina, sometimes an itch, purulent or mucopurulent discharges from a genital tract can disturb. At survey by means of mirrors the mucous membrane of a vulval part of a neck of uterus is hyperemic, edematous. At under -

acute C. these phenomena are less expressed. Chronic C. it is usually characterized by scanty mucous or mucopurulent allocations from a neck of uterus, an insignificant hyperemia and hypostasis of tissues of neck of uterus. At a long current of chronic C. there is a thickening of a neck of uterus, the erosion of a neck of uterus is quite often formed (see).

The diagnosis is made on the basis of the anamnesis, vulval survey if-poskopii (see), and also bakteriosko-pichesky and bacterial. the research separated from the channel of a neck of uterus. At instructions of the patient on recently postponed flu, an acute respiratory disease, feverish states, conjunctivitis it is necessary to conduct special virologic researches (see).

Treatment is carried out taking into account character of the activator, a stage of a disease and accompanying patol. processes. At gonorrhea (see), a trichomoniasis (see), tuberculosis (see Tuberculosis extra pulmonary) and syphilis (see) treatment carry out by the techniques accepted for the specified diseases. At acute nonspecific C. apply hygienic syringings by infusion of a camomile, solutions boric and milk to - t (see. Vulval syringings), and also streptocides or antibiotics. For treatment of C., caused by chlamydias, the most effective is tetracycline; treatment of C., caused by a mephitic gangrene, carry out by metronidazole in candles or in tablets; at virus C. appoint drugs of leukocytic interferon (see) locally in the form of irrigations. For treatment of chronic C. apply physiotherapeutic procedures (an electrophoresis of zinc by means of a special electrode).

Fig. 1. A basic constitutional formula of a molecule of cerebroside from tissues of animals and the person: R is the hydrocarbon

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The forecast at timely diagnosis and rational treatment favorable.

Prevention consists in the correct conducting childbirth, timely recovery of integrity of a neck of uterus, avoidance of abortions, the correct selection and use of contraceptives, observance of the general a gigabyte. actions. Bibliography: Bodyazhinav. And. and m of joint stock company and K. N. Ginekologiya's N, page 131, M., 1977; Kozlova V. I., M and l y sh e in and 3. Century and Pukhnera. T. Diagnosis of a virus and staphylococcal endocervicitis, Akush. and ginek., No. 3, page 33, 1973;

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