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The CERTIFICATE ABOUT DEATH (medical) — the medical, legal and registration document certifying the fact and a cause of death and being a source of information for the state statistics of causes of death. The medical certificate on death represents the form, to-ry fill on the typewriter or by hand with ink, legible handwriting. Necessary data enter or underline the corresponding designations (words). Issue of the certificate in absentia, without establishment by the doctor of the fact of death is forbidden.

Filling of the form is begun with the indication of character of the certificate — final, preliminary or given out instead of preliminary (necessary emphasize). As a rule, the final certificate is granted. The preliminary certificate can be granted only in some cases not to detain registration of death and burial. After issue of the preliminary certificate not later than in 2 weeks make and send in statistical office the new certificate «instead of preliminary», containing the specifications received on the basis of necropsy and additional researches.

The special attention is required by filling of point on causes of death, to-ry is made on the international sample recommended to WHO.

The doctor certifying a death bears personal responsibility for completeness and reliability of the data entered in it. Drawing up the certificate is its professional and public duty.

A death is certified to the relatives of the dead or other persons making burial, on receipt (on the root of the certificate remaining in to lay down. establishment). In case of loss of the certificate it is given repeatedly with the mark «duplicate».

In a registry office on the basis of the medical certificate on death draw up «The statement of a case of death». Copies of acts monthly present to regional statistical offices. The monthly and annual reports made on their basis are used for the analysis of various aspects of mortality. The corresponding data come to TsSU USSR once a year.

See also Acts of civil status .

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