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The CENTRAL MILITARY HOSPITAL DECORATED WITH THE ORDER OF THE RED BANNER of P. V. Mand roars — the multi-profile military treatment and prevention facility intended for rendering specialized medical aid военнослужащим^ being on active duty, and also to generals, admirals and officers in a stock and resignation and to members of their families.

Conducts the history from therapeutic hospital of the Red Cross based in Moscow on May 17, 1919 according to V. I. Lenin's instructions for medical service of staff of the Field headquarters of the Revolutionary Council of War of the Republic. In 1931 the hospital began to be called the Central military hospital of the National Commissariat of Defense of the USSR. In 1943 the name of the military surgeon of the major general of medical service P. V. Mang-dryki was appropriated to hospital, to-ry within 20 years was his chief. In days of the Great Patriotic War the hospital performed a lot of work on formation of military and sanitary institutions, treatment of wounded and patients. For big merits in to lay down. to work and in connection with the 25 anniversary from the date of the basis it is awarded the order the Red Banner.

During the post-war period along with improvement of material and technical resources of hospital the organization specialized honey-pokhmoshchi was systematically improved, optimum conditions for treatment of patients were created. In 1949 at hospital dispensary and polyclinic department is developed. In 1964 in a country zone (Bolshevo) on the basis of sanatorium department the branch of hospital with a new hospital complex is created. Since 1970 at hospital the emergency medical service which is carried out by specialized crews is organized.

In hospital (together with branch) the following medical departments function: five specialized therapeutic with chambers of an intensive care; two surgical; urological; two neurologic; recovery treatment, department of anesthesiology and resuscitation, and also medical and diagnostic, dispensary and polyclinic departments. In 1983 offices of reflexotherapy and a biolocation are organized. The hospital is equipped with the modern medical equipment and staffed by qualified professionals. In it outstanding scientists-physicians of H worked or advised. N. Burdenko,

A. A. Bocharov, A. A. Vishnevsky, M. S. V wind, P. A. Herzen, V. S. Levitte, M. S. Malinovsky, N. S. Molchanov, S. P. Fedorov, And. P. Froome-kin, S. S. Yudin, etc. The hospital made a contribution to development and deployment to practice of new diagnostic methods and treatment in the field of surgery (including plastic), cardiology, gerontology and diseases peripheral and the central nervous system, and also clinical pharmacology.

In 1975 for the high operational performance reached in a socialist competition and progress in communistic education of staff to staff of hospital the rank «Collective of Communistic Work» is given.

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A. M. Kapitanenko.