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A. A. Vishnevsky — the multi-profile military treatment and prevention facility intended for rendering specialized medical aid by the serviceman who is on active duty and also to generals and officers in a stock and resignation, to members of their families, workers and employees of the Soviet Army and the Navy. Besides, in hospital patients with difficult pathology from number рабочих^ and employees of Moscow and the Moscow region receive treatment. It is open on June 20, 1968. In 1976 the name of A. A. Vishnevsky is appropriated to it. The hospital is located in the picturesque place near Krasnogorsk, has the big green space. All main medical and diagnostic departments providing rendering specialized medical aid at the modern level are provided in it.

The surgical service includes departments of urgent, vascular and band surgery, ophthalmology, stomatology, otorhinolaryngology, urology, a proctology, gynecology, anesthesiology and resuscitation, hemotransfusion. The hospital has three surgery blocks with a set of operational halls. Each operational profilirovana — for operations on bodies of a chest and abdominal cavity, on heart and large vessels, in the eyes, generative and uric organs, ENT organs, sou -

the Central military clinical hospital of A. A. Vishnevsky. Main case.

operating rooms for dental, and also proctologic patients stride. Operating rooms are equipped with television systems, laser machines for performance of operations with the help of a laser beam, operative microscopes for carrying out microsurgeries using special installations for heart, bilious and urinary tract operations.


the Therapeutic service is presented by the cardiological center including six specialized departments (an intensive care and resuscitation, infarctive, an idiopathic hypertensia, two departments of chronic coronary heart disease, rheumatological), and also two gastroenterological, pulmonary, endocrinological and nephrological departments.

As a part of hospital there are two neurology units — for vascular defeats of c. N of page and for diseases of a peripheral nervous system.

The important role belongs to diagnostic departments, including laboratory, incorporating clinical, biochemical, bacteriological, cytologic, serological laboratories and laboratory of express diagnosis, to departments a radioisotope - ache diagnoses, functional diagnosis, to x-ray and endoscopic departments, and also department of pathoanatomical researches. Besides, in hospital departments and offices of special treatment — a hemodialysis, hyperbaric oxygenation, physiotherapeutic, physiotherapy exercises, reflexotherapy, artificial circulation, psychotherapy, and also reception and diagnostic are developed. Three central policlinics of the Ministry of Defence located in Moscow are subordinated to hospital.

On the basis of hospital the department of a hururgiya of Military-medical faculty at TsIU of doctors works (see. Military-medical faculty); also professional development of medical structure of military medical institutions is carried out.

Good technical equipment of hospital and high qualification of medical staff allow to use at diagnosis and treatment of achievement of modern medicine.

The main direction in work of hospital is expansion of volume of reconstructive, plastic and organ-preserving surgeries. Big development was gained by diagnostic and medical endoscopy, temporary and constant electrocardiostimulation, etc. Heart operations, the main vessels, an aorta, microsurgeries on small vessels, limf, vessels, nervous trunks are successfully carried out. In hospital clinical testing of new medicines and the equipment is carried out. The staff of hospital conducts active scientific is-sledovatelskaya work.

Academicians of AMH A played a big role in formation and development of lechebnodiagnostichesky and scientific activity of hospital. And. Vishnevsky and N. S. Molchanov, and now academician of AMN F. I. Komarov, corresponding members of AMN E. V. Gembitsky (see t. 25, additional materials) and K. M. Lisitsyn (see t. 25, additional materials), etc.

For the achieved success in increase in efficiency and quality of medical service, the standard of work, development of a socialist competition, education at employees of the communistic relation to work to staff of hospital in 1983 the rank «Collective of the High Standard of Work» is given.

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