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head establishment in the state system of professional development of the doctors and other specialists with the higher education working in health care. It is founded in 1930. In-that G. M. Danishevsky was appointed the director. In 1931 20 departments were open, on to-rykh about 1500 doctors the same year improved skills. In different years of department in-that led the leading scientific countries which made a big contribution to medical science and practice in postdegree

the Central institute of improvement of doctors. Building of administration.

professional development of the medical and managerial personnel of health care: A. I. Abrikosov, M. No. Averbakh, P. K. Anokhin, H. N. Burdenko, N. A. Vinogradov, A. V. Vishnevsky, M. S. Vovsi, B. E. Vot-chal, V. V. Gorinevskaya, JI. V. Groma-shevsky, 3. V. Ermolyeva, H. N. Ru-kov-Verezhnikoye, I. A. Kassirsky, F. G. Krotkoye, A. A. JIemaeem, R. A. Luriya, M. S. Malinovsky,


V. V. Larin, M. I. Pevzner,

H. N. Priorov, A. E. Rabukhin,

V. N. Rozanov, B. S. Rozanov,

G. P. Rudnev, A. I. Savitsky,

G. N. Speransky, A. N. Sysin,

V. T. T alalayev, etc.

In-that made a big contribution to development the large figure of the Soviet health care, the member of the CPSU since 1907, the active participant of revolutionary movement of V. P. Lebedev, edge directed it from 1938 to 1959.

In 1985 in in-those 90 departments combined in 8 f-tov functioned: medicobiological, the organizations of the Soviet and foreign health care, sanitary and hygienic, therapeutic, surgical, pediatric, professional development of teachers, improvements of doctors of Moscow, on to-rykh professional development of doctors on all specialties is conducted. Scientific divisions in-that are presented by the Central Research Laboratory (CRL) with seven departments — coordination of scientific research, patenting and information, scientific bases of improvement of doctors, the international problems of health care and system researches, hygienic problems, children's surgery, computer facilities, clinical immunology and problem research laboratories — electronic and physical, new antibiotics, medical cytology. The institute would have fundamental iblio those to y.

In 1985 from 756 people of profes-sorsko-teaching and scientific structure in in-those 141 doctors, 530 candidates of science, 15 academicians and the member correspondent of Academy of Sciences of the USSR and the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences, 3 Heroes of Socialist Work, 2 winners Lenin and 10 — the State award worked.

Departments and laboratories in-that are equipped with the modern scientific, diagnostic and medical equipment and the equipment. In educational process technical means of training and control of knowledge of doctors cadets are widely used. Clinical departments are placed in profile research in-ta and large multi-profile-tsakh.

Ying t conducts courses of the general and thematic improvement of specialists doctors. Along with traditional — the full-time courses widely use correspondence and internal. To 45% of students previously pass the correspondence phase of in-service training. Exit courses are widely applied. Staff of departments in 18 years (1968 — 1985) carried out apprx.

1,5 thousand exit courses in various regions of the country, on to-rykh underwent improvement apprx. 55 thousand doctors. Since 1966 the in-t uses the Central television for improvement of knowledge of doctors.

Important activity in-that is preparation of the leading, professorial, scientific shots. In 28 years (1958 — 1985) 49 thousand heads and chief specialists of bodies and healthcare institutions are trained, the St. 100 thousand managers of departments and departments to lay down. - the prof. of institutions, St. 30 thousand professors and teachers of in-t and f-tov improvements of doctors and medical higher education institutions. In total for 1931 — 1985 at institute about 488 thousand doctors of various specialties had training. A clinical internship St. 3,5 thousand finished, a postgraduate study — St. 1,8 thousand people (1948 — 1985).

At the same time TsIU of doctors is the large center for training of foreign specialists. More than 130 international courses (1964 — 1985) are conducted, on to-rykh

more than 5 thousand doctors from 84 countries of the world examined achievements of the Soviet health care, medical science and improved the knowledge.

As the head institution of in-t conducts courses and seminars for teachers of in-t and f-tov improvements of doctors, prepares for them shots through a postgraduate study. Ying t develops and implements theoretical bases of professional development, the unified programs and curricula regulating documents in practice. The main directions in scientific and methodical researches are: development of the most rational organizational forms of educational process, research of effective methods of training and control.

The academic councils in-that conduct a lot of work on consideration of theses, award of academic degrees and ranks. For 1935 — 1985 the St. 2,9 thousand doctoral and master's theses, from them 882 — the employees in-that is protected. Scientific research is conducted on problems: the organization and management

of health care, scientific bases of improvement of doctors, hygiene of the environment, health protection of women, age features of a children's organism are normal also pathologies, prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases of cardiovascular system, diseases of the central and peripheral nervous system, malignant new growths, endocrine diseases, etc. Annually in practice of health care employees in-that implement many diagnostic methods, treatments and prevention of diseases. Ying volume the St.

2,2 thousand monographs and 320 collections of scientific works (1931 — 1985), more than 10,5 thousand journal articles (1966 — 1985) is published. Only in 1970 — 1985 293 copyright certificates on inventions, 260 medals and 43 diplomas of ENEA of the USSR are received.

In 1966 for the achieved success in development of health care, medical sciences and professional development of shots of in-t it is awarded by the Order of Lenin. In 1980 as a sign of special recognition of a contribution to development of the international cooperation he is conferred the honourable international award «Gold Mercury», and also awarded by a commemorative medal of World Health Organization for successful activity in implementation of the program of WHO — «Health for all by 2000». Czechoslovak about-in international relations with foreign countries awarded in-t with the Gold medal (1984). Bibliography: To about in r and of of N and M. D. Achievements of the Central Order of Lenin of institute of improvement of doctors in 50 years and perspectives of its development, the Commencement address, M., 1980; Petrakov B. D. and

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