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CAVERNITIS (cavernitis; lat. caverna a cave, a cavity + - itis) — an inflammation of cavernous bodies of a penis. The infection gets from an urethra, a prostate gland, from wounds, a metastatic way at sepsis. Development To. perhaps at thrombophlebitis of veins of a basin and urinogenital bodies, at an allergic vasculitis, injuries of a penis.

Clinically distinguish acute and hron, forms, To. can be limited or diffuse.

The acute cavernitis

the Acute cavernitis begins a tremendous fever, a hyperthermia, the general weakness, pain and a swelling of a penis which is in a condition of sharply painful erection, is considerably bent. The urination is sometimes complicated. Palpatorno is defined limited or diffuse plotnoelastichesky infiltrate which quite often reaches a limit with transition to abscess. At spontaneous or operational opening of abscess pus with blood, then nekrotizirovavshayasya tissue of cavernous bodies is emitted in the beginning. Treatment consists in topical administration of heat, prescription of antibiotics and himiopreparat of a broad spectrum of activity. At formation of an abscess make the slits getting into cavernous fabric that provides good outflow of purulent contents. After clarification of a wound use fatty and oily-balsamic bandages. The forecast is adverse for sexual function since owing to development of fibrous fabric in cavernous bodies the penis is bent.

The chronic cavernitis

the Chronic cavernitis is a consequence acute or from the very beginning has initially hron, a current with scanty symptomatology. Arises at a gonorrheal urethritis more often. Preferential the cavernous body of an urethra is surprised, cavernous bodies of a penis are more rare. In late stages of a disease dense scattered small knots of various size are formed that gives very similar picture with a fibroplastic induration of a penis (see. Induratio penis plastica ). The prolonged treatment combined includes antibacterial drugs, the desensibilizing and antisclerous therapy. The good effect is rendered by a combination of iodide drugs, lidaza, mud applications, ultrasound.

Forecast favorable.

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B. P. Smelovsky, M. I. Loskutov.