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UVIBLEVY GLASS — glass with the increased transparency for an ultra-violet spectral range (from 100 to 400 nanometers). Usual at violevy glass well passes also visible light.

At. the page happens silicate, borosilicate and phosphatic. Distinctive property of structure At. the page is practical lack of a number of oxides (Fe203, Sg203, V203, RO, TYu2, etc.) and sulfides of the heavy metals absorbing UF-izluche-niye. Impurity of these connections shall not exceed thousand shares of percent. A spectral transmission At. the page depends on its structure and thickness. The most transparent for the UF-spectral range is phosphatic At. page. A shortcoming At. the page consists in its ability to reduce transparency under the influence of a sunlight or intensive light of artificial sources (solarization). Solarization is caused by the beams absorbed by glass. Phosphate glass absorbs beams with wavelength less than 250 nanometers. Modern manufacturing techniques At. to page it is directed to restriction of process of solarization by introduction to glass of specific reducers (metal aluminum, etc.).

Use At. the village allows to use rather fully biologically active radiations of natural and artificial light sources. Glazing of windows U. the page enriches the light environment of rooms with the Uv-radiation of the sun having all-recreational and bactericidal effect. Such glazing is applied at schools, child care facilities,-tsakh and sanatoria, and also in incubators, hotbeds, greenhouses.

Use At. page in covers of germicidal and erythematous lamps (see. Bactericidal lamps,

At l of Kommersant of N of columns and about l of e of t ovy radiation) p about z in about - lyat to use the doctrine of these light sources, artificial At F-izl, in to lay down. the purposes, and also for disinfecting of air, water, the surfaces of barriers, the equipment and objects of use, for disinfecting and protection from microbic pollution of foodstuff and t. and., and also for compensation of a shortcoming natural UF-oblu-cheniya people, page - x. animals and birds.

At. the page is used also in a number of the optical and measuring devices intended for work with At F-radiation.

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