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CASTRO Zhozue (de Castro Josue Apolonio, 1908 — 1973) Brazilian physiologist, anthropologist, hygienist, public figure, foreign member of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences (1963). Ended medical f-t (1929) and philosophical f-t (1938) Brazilian un-that. In 1932 — 1935 taught physiology at medical school un-that in Resif. Then in Brazilian un-those was professor of anthropology (since 1936), professor (since 1939), the director in-that food (since 1946). In the years of World War II headed department of food. «Living conditions and health» were a delegate of Brazil in Council of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (1947) and the chairman of executive committee of Council (1951), the president of the international association of doctors (since 1961). In 1955 — 1963 member of the Brazilian parliament. In 1964 emigrated to France where was the president of the international center of development.

Scientific works of Zh. de Castro are devoted to questions of anthropology, physiology and problems of consumption, including hunger and malnutrition. In the monograph «Geography of Hunger» (1946) he sharply criticizes modern maltuzianets (see. Maltuzianstvo ) also proves a conclusion that capitalist exploitation of the person and the earth is the main reason for a wide spread occurance of hunger, and specifies that the cardinal solution of the problem of hunger is possible only by basic changes of the agrarian relations existing in the capitalist countries, destructions of the remains of feudalism and effects of neo-colonialism.

Winner of the International award of the World of the World Council of the World


Works: Geography of hunger, the lane with English, M., 1954.

Bibliography: Bicar P. Zhozue de Castro (1908 — 1973), World of science, No. 1, page 18, 1974.

B. D. Petrov.