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CASTOR OIL (Oleum Ricini; synonym ricinus oil; GFH) — a purgative. Mix of esters of glycerin and fat to - t, hl. obr. ritsinolovy (80 — 85%), olein (3 — 9%), linoleic (2 — 3%), stearin and dihydroxy-stearic (to 3%). Receive by pressing (in the cold) or extractions from seeds of the cultivated annual plant of a castor-bean tree — Ricinus communis L., this. a spurge family — Euphorbiaceae.

To. m — transparent, colourless or slightly yellowish, dense and viscous liquid with a slight characteristic smell; taste is peculiar, unpleasant. Mixes up in every respect with absolute alcohol, ice acetic to - that, ether and chloroform; during the cooling to t ° — 16 ° stiffens in whitish mazeobrazny weight.

In a small bowel under the influence of a lipase of pancreatic juice K. the m is split with education ritsinolovy to - you which causes irritation of receptors of intestines and reflex strengthens the pendulum and peristaltic movements, accelerating that its emptying. Not split To. the m facilitates passing of dense masses on intestines. In 5 — 6 hours after administration of drug there come 1 — 2 defecations without pains and tenezm. As laxative K. the m is appointed inside: the adult on 15 — 30 g, children on 5 — 15 g on reception.

Along with laxative effect To. the m causes reflex reduction of muscles of a uterus. In this regard in obstetric practice it is used at weakness of patrimonial activity (on 40 — 50 g in) usually in combination with quinine, Pituitrinum, Pachycarpinum or other means. To. m apply also outwardly in ointments to treatment of burns and ulcers.

At frequent use To. the m causes locks, reduces appetite, breaks digestion.

To. m. contraindicated at poisoning with fat-soluble substances (phosphorus, benzene), and also extract of a men's fern.

Forms of release: in bottles and gelatin capsules.

Storage: in the cool, protected from light place, in the bottles which are well corked, filled up to the top.

See also Purgatives .

K. S. Shadursky.