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CASTILYONI Arturo (Castiglioni Arturo, 1874 — 1953) — the Italian doctor, the historian of medicine.


In 1896 ended medical f-t Vienna un-that, and then worked as the doctor in Vienna. In 1899 — 1938 headed a dignity. service of the steamship companies in Trieste. Along with 1921 the associate professor of history of medicine un-that in Siena; in 1922 — 1938 the prof. in the Paduan and Perudzhsky high fur boots. Since 1939 the research associate in Yale un-that (USA), and since 1943 the prof. of history of medicine. In 1947 was returned to Italy and continued to teach history of medicine in Perudzhskom un-those.

A. Kastilyoni published apprx. 200 books and articles devoted to various problems of history of medicine.

The greatest popularity got its job about the Italian medicine of Renaissance. Its monograph «History of Medicine» sustained three editions in Italy and is translated to a number of foreign languages (English, German, French, etc.).

He was vice-president Ob-va of history of medicine and natural sciences in Italy (1929 — 1938), and in 1942 — the president Ob-va of history of medicine in New York; consisted the honorary member of many medical and historical medical about-in others of the countries.

Works: II volto di Ippocrate, Istorie di medici e medicine d’altri tempi, Milano, 1925; Storia della medicina, Milano, 1927, v. 1 — 2, Verona, 1948; Italian medicine, N. Y., 1932; The renaissance of medicine in Italy, Baltimore, 1934; Adventures of the mind, N. Y., 1946.

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