CASPER Leopold

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CASPER Leopold (Casper Leopold, 1859 — 1959) — the German urologist.

CASPER Leopold

Upon termination of in 1883. Berlin un-that specialized on urology at G. Thompson, P. Freyer, F. Gyuyon, I. Albarran and L. Dittel. Since 1892 the privatdozent, and since 1903 professional. Berlin un-that. Since 1941 lived in New York.

L. Casper the founder of large is mute. the Urals, schools, the author of a large number of works from which researches on a tsistoskopiya, endoscopic operations, functional diagnosis of kidneys, treatment of renal tuberculosis and an urolithiasis, diseases of a prostate, a transurethral galvanocautery of tumors of a bladder, etc. are especially distinguished. He designed the special kateterizatsionny cystoscope (1895), with the help to-rogo the research of functional capacity of each kidney separately for the first time became possible that in many respects facilitated recognition and treatment of surgical diseases of kidneys y upper uric ways. Are improved and implemented by it in practice a functional renal test with floridziny and the cryoscopic research of the urine received from each kidney separately by catheterization of ureters.

Its capital works «Guide to a Tsistoskopiya» (5 editions, 1898 — 1923), «The textbook on urology» (5 editions, 1903 — 1932) and «The textbook of urological diagnosis» (1930) in many respects enriched urology. «The textbook on urology» was translated into Russian and English languages. L. Casper widely published scientific works in Russian medical editions. He was one of founders Ob-va of the German urologists, created in 1907 in Vienna. The same year L. Casper together with other surgeons and urologists of Germany founded the Zeitschrift fur Urologie magazine, an editor to-rogo it was for a long time. The active participant of international is also mute. the Urals, the congresses, it consisted the honorary member 19 it. and foreign scientific about-in, including and Ob-va of the Moscow urologists (1924).

Works: Handbuch der Cystoskopie, 1st prod., Lpz., 1898, 5 prod., 1923; Lehrbuch der Urologie mit Einschluss der mannlichen Sexualerkrankungen, 1st prod., V. — Wien, the 1903, 5 prod., 1932 (Russian lane, SPb., 1905); Die Behandlung der Cystitis, Pyelitis und der Nieresteinerkrankungen, Lpz., 1928 (the Russian lane, M. — L., 1929); Lehrbuch der urologischen Diagnostik, Lpz., 1930 (sovm, with Picard E.).

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