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CARNOY LIQUID (J. Century of Carnoy, belg. the microbiologist, 1836 — 1899) — one of the fixers used in the histologic equipment. Ge. B. Carnoy is offered. Structure To.: absolute alcohol — 6 h, chloroform — 3 h, ice acetic to - they are 1 h (mix up before the use). Differs in very bystry penetration into fabrics; pieces of fabrics 3 — 5 mm thick are recorded in 3 — 5 hour. To. it is applied to fixing of hardly permeable dense objects (chitin, a cuticle at insects, an ascarid and so forth), and also many bodies and tissues of mammals (e.g., seed plants and kidneys) in whom posthumous autolytic processes quickly develop. To. yields good results at the subsequent use of a row gistokhy. techniques since keeps many chemical structures of a cell (a squirrel, nucleinic to - you). Long influence To. leads to consolidation and compression of fabrics therefore fixing in To. shall last not longer, than it is necessary for full treatment of objects; upon termination of fixing an object or is transferred to absolute alcohol and filled in in paraffin or photoxylin, or kept in 70 — 80% alcohol.

See also Histologic methods of a research , Fixing .

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