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CARCINOSARCOMA (Greek karkinos cancer, a crab + sarcoma) — the rare malignant tumor consisting of epithelial and connective tissue components. The term was offered by R. Virkhov in 1864.

Macroscopically the tumor represents polipovidny education on a thick leg, moderately dense consistence, rozovatozhelty or yellow-gray color. At microscopic research the epithelial component of a tumor most often has structure of planocellular cancer, is more rare transitional cell, low-differentiated or adenocarcinomas; the connective tissue component is presented by spindle-shaped and cellular sarcoma, sometimes a fibrosarcoma, is more rare leyomio-or a rhabdomyosarcoma. Extent of distribution and frequency of innidiation are various depending on localization of a tumor. Metastasizes either an epithelial, or connective tissue component, sometimes both are at the same time. Metastasises extend limfogenno.

The tumor meets preferential in an endometria, can arise in a neck of uterus, a vagina, a gullet, a throat, an easy, gall bladder, a stomach, a prostatic and thyroid gland. The wedge, a picture depends on localization. To. differs in the expressed zlokachestvennost and quickly leads to a lethal outcome.

Treatment operational. The chemotherapy is not effective. The possibility of use of hormonal and beam treatment is studied.

See also Cancer , Sarcoma .

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