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CARBOHYDRATE DYSTROPHY — the kind of dystrophy caused by disturbance of exchange of carbohydrates.

The carbohydrate dystrophy which developed in cells of a parenchyma of bodies call parenchymatous, in intercellular substance — mesenchymal.

Carbohydrate dystrophy arises at disturbances of exchange of a glycogen, glycoproteins and glikozaminogli-kan. Carbohydrate dystrophy can be connected both with hereditary, and with the acquired factors. Hereditary factors are various enzymopathies (see), to-rye are the cornerstone of diseases of accumulation of a glycogen — glycogenoses (see) or acid gli-kozaminoglikan — mukopolisakha-ridoz (see). Among the acquired factors disturbances of endocrine regulation of an obkhmen of carbohydrates have the greatest value (see. Carbohydrate metabolism), e.g., at a diabetes mellitus (see a diabetes mellitus), a hypothyroidism (see), the inflammatory processes leading to dysfunction of mucous glands (see), a cachexia (see).

Mechanisms of development and morphology of different types At. are various. Disturbances of exchange of a glycogen are shown in reduction or increase in its content in fabrics and emergence where it usually is not found. It is most brightly expressed at a diabetes mellitus and glycogenoses. At a diabetes mellitus fabric stocks of a glycogen sharply decrease, its synthesis is broken. The glucosuria causes characteristic changes in kidneys — glycogenous infiltration of an epithelium of renal tubules, hl. obr. narrow and distal segments, and emergence of grains of a glycogen in their gleams. Also renal balls are surprised, in a basal membrane of capillary loops to-rykh permeability for sugars and protein of plasma increases. At glycogenoses the glycogen can collect in a liver, kidneys, skeletal muscles, a myocardium, spleen, limf, nodes. Selective deposition of a glycogen in bodies allows to allocate different types of glycogenoses.

Disturbances of exchange of glycoproteins lead to accumulation in cells and intercellular substance of mucins and mucoids (mucous and muciform substances) with development of mucous dystrophy (see).

Disturbances of exchange of mucopolysaccharides are followed by adjournment of not split glikozamino-glycanes in connecting fabric of various bodies (see Mukopoli-sakharidoza).

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