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CARBIDINUM (Carbidinum; synonym Dicarbin, joint venture. B) — neuroleptic. 3,6-Диметил-1,2,3,4,4а,9а-гексагидро-гамма-карболина dihydrochloride; With 13 N 2 H 17 - 2HCl:

White or with a creamy shade crystal powder, well water soluble and organic solvents, t ° pl 274 — 276 °.

To. oppresses a physical activity, emotional reactions, conditioned reflexes, bioelectric activity of a brain, strengthens effect of analgesic and narcotic substances, has antiemetic effect. The oppressing influence is especially strongly shown To. on an agressive behavior of animals. As well as at other neuroleptics, the oppressing influence is most expressed concerning defensive conditioned reflexes. Like antidepressants, To. exponentiates a fenaminovy stereotypy and has antidepressive effect at the animals who are easily falling into a brake state. Unlike aminazine and other neuroleptics, the main effects To. (anti-aggressive action, oppression of conditioned reflexes) are shown at its use in smaller doses, than those which cause suppression of locomotions.

To. apply for treatment of apatoabulichesky states at schizophrenia, and also for treatment hron, alcoholism and alcoholic psychoses. To. it is effective at depressivnobredovy states and depressions with nonsense of various etiology. Appoint To. inside and intramusculary, begin with 12,5 mg, then gradually increase a dose to 150 — 200 mg, in some cases to 600 mg a day. To. it is possible to combine with other neuroleptics, and also tranquilizers and antidepressants. At alcoholic psychoses drug is appointed inside or enter intramusculary in the beginning 0,05 g 3 — 4 bucketed times at 2 o'clock, then 3 times a day. Complications at use To. are insignificant; they are shown by an unsharp muscular hypertension, a small tremor of fingers of hands and language.

Drug it is contraindicated at diseases of a liver.

Forms of release: ampoules on 2 ml of 1,25% of solution and a tablet on 0,025 g. Keep in the dry, protected from light place. On light and from moisture drug darkens.

See also Neuroleptics .

N. K. Barkov.