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CARBACHOLINUM (Carbacholinum, synonym: Carbacholum, Carbamylcholine, Carcholin, Doryl, Enterotonin, Lentin, Moryl etc.; GFH, joint venture. A) — cholinomimetic means. N - beta Karbamoiloksietil) - a trimetilammoniya chloride, C 6 H 15 ClN 2 O 2  :

White crystal powder with the slight smell reminding a smell of aliphatic amines. It is hygroscopic. Let's very easily dissolve in water, it is difficult alcohol-soluble, almost insoluble in ether and chloroform. Solutions K. have neutral reaction.

On a chemical structure, the mechanism of action and pharmakol, to properties K. it is close to to acetylcholine (see). Reproduces effects of irritation of cholinergic nerves, excites M - and N-holinoretseptory. Unlike acetylcholine, To. it is not hydrolyzed by cholinesterase and therefore works much stronger and more for a long time. Drug causes decrease in the ABP, urezheny pulse, expansion of peripheral vessels, strengthening of a vermicular movement of intestines and reduction of a bladder. At instillation of 0,5% of solution K. in a conjunctival sac of an eye there occurs narrowing of a pupil, the decrease in intraocular pressure lasting 4 — 5 hours and a short-term spasm of accommodation.

To. use hl. obr. in eye practice for treatment of glaucoma, appointing drug in the form of eye drops (0,5 — 1% solutions) for an instillation in a conjunctival sac of 2 — 6 times a day. Sometimes To. apply at postoperative paresis of intestines and an atony of a bladder.,

Appoint inside 0,0005 — 0,001 g, subcutaneously and intramusculary on 0,0001 — 0,00025 g 2 — 3 times a day. The highest single doses: inside — 0,001 g, under skin — 0,0005 g; the highest daily doses: inside — 0,003 g, under skin — 0,001 g.

At reception To. sometimes there is a feeling of heat, hypersalivation, nausea, bradycardia; these phenomena pass at reduction of a dose of drug. At overdose sharp decrease in the ABP with bradycardia and disturbances of a cordial rhythm, profuse sweat, a miosis, strengthening of a vermicular movement of intestines and other phenomena are observed. In these cases it is necessary to enter immediately into a vein or under skin

1 ml of 0,1% of solution of atropine (if necessary repeatedly).

To. it is contraindicated at bronchial asthma, stenocardia, atherosclerosis, organic heart diseases, epilepsy.

Forms of release: tablets on 0,001 g; ampoules on 1 ml of 0,01% and 0,025% of solutions. Keep in well corked container, in the dry, protected from light place.

See also Cholinomimetic substances .

L. G. Magazanik.