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CAPROIC ACID [hexane acid, CH 3 (CH 2 ) 4 COOH] — saturated monobasic acid of a fatty series, amin derivatives a cut — the leucine and an isoleucine — are irreplaceable amino acids in food and are a part of the majority of proteins.

To. to. contains in the form of glyceride in animal oil, in insignificant quantities it is found in goat milk, some grades of cheese, piririma, palm and rose oil.

Derivative To. to. — ε-aminocaproic to - that to - that to - that is inhibitor of a fibrinolysis (see. Aminocaproic acid ) also it is widely used in medical practice; during the heating it passes into a ε-caprolactam, which serves as raw materials for receiving synthetic fiber — capron, various fabrics and leather substitutes.

See also Fatty acids , Izoleytsin , Leytsin .