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CANTHOTOMY (Greek kanthos a corner of an eye + tome a section, a section) — operation of a section of an outside corner of an eye and an outside palpebral commissure. Apply most often to temporary expansion of a palpebral fissure (during removal of sharply increased eye, tumors or foreign bodys of an orbit, etc.).

Diagrammatic representation of canthotomy: the palpebral fissure is expanded, blunt scissors cut an outside palpebral commissure to the outer edge of an orbit.

After the corresponding processing of a surgery field carry out install (let in a conjunctival sac 2 drops 0,5 — 1% of solution of Dicainum) and an infiltration anesthesia (enter 2 — 3 ml of 2% of solution of novocaine with adrenaline into the area of an outside palpebral commissure). Enter a blepharostat into a conjunctival sac or stretch eyelids fingers, trying to expand a palpebral fissure as much as possible. Then on a longitudinal axis of a palpebral fissure bring blunt scissors under an outside palpebral commissure so that the end of one branch rested against bone edge of an eye-socket from a conjunctiva, and another lay on skin (fig). One sharp smykaniye of scissors cut commissure (at once a conjunctiva and skin) in the horizontal direction. On it operation also comes to an end. The wound of an outside corner a century which is not closed by epidermis or a mucous membrane, as a rule, during 1 — 2 week grows independently.

More radical operation is the blepharotomy, to-ruyu make as follows: having entered scissors, as at To., horizontally, they are sharply turned vertically and cut an eyelid (upper or lower) in all thickness; cut with such way all fibers of a circular muscle of an eye.

V. I. Morozov.