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CANITIES (canities; synonym gray hair) — decolouration of hair as a result of loss of a pigment and filling with their air traps.

The etiology and P.'s pathogeny finally are not found out (see. Hair ). The item can be partial and the general, inborn and acquired. Inborn P. — the resistant not progressing depigmentation of a separate lock or a bunch of hair. The acquired P. can be senile (senile) and premature. Senile P. develops after 40 — 50 years and is followed by other age changes skin (see) — decrease in elasticity, dryness, thinning, emergence of wrinkles. Premature P. can arise in 20 — 30 years and earlier, in some cases has hereditary character, but can be caused funkts, frustration of nervous and endocrine systems, long debilitating diseases, chronic intoxication, etc.

For prevention of progressing of premature P. fortifying therapy (drugs, phosphorated, oryzamins, B6, B15, PP), possible correction of neurotic and endocrine frustration is shown. Senile P.'s treatment is carried out with smaller success. In the cosmetic purposes the turned gray hair paint in the corresponding color special dyes for hair.

E. I. Arkhangelskaya