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CANDAU Marcelino (Candau Marcelino Gomez, sort. in 1911) — the Brazilian doctor and the figure of public health care, the foreign member of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences (1968), the doctor of medical (1963) and legal (1963) sciences.

Marcelino's KANDAU

Got a medical education at medical school of the State of Rio de Janeiro; specialized concerning public health care in Brazilian un-those and in un-those J. Hopkins (USA). In 1934 — 1943 worked in a health system of the State of Rio de Janeiro, there was a deputy director of department of health care of this state. In 1939 participated in a campaign for elimination of malaria. In 1943 — 1950 the director of department, and later — the health service created jointly by the government of Brazil and Ying volume of the inter-American relations. Since 1950 the director of department of the organization of health services, and then the assistant to the CEO of WHO. Since 1952 the associate director Pan-Amerikanskogo a dignity. bureau, a cut is also Regional office of WHO for the countries of America. In 1953 — 1973. CEO of WHO.

Scientific research of M. Kandau is devoted generally to problems of parasitology, including malaria, biostatistics, rural hygiene, questions of management of public health care. It is the honorary member and the honourable doctor of a number of academies, foreign high fur boots, medical about-in and associations.

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