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CANALICULAR TEST — method of functional and diagnostic testing of prisasyvayushchy ability and anatomic passability of the lacrimal tubules. To. the item is carried out at diseases of the lacrimal ways which are followed by dacryagogue and carried out as follows. In a conjunctival sac it is triple at an interval of 1 — 2 min. dig in 1 — 2 drops of 3% of solution of colloid silver or 1% of solution of a flyuorestsein. To the patient suggest to make the blink movements without squeezing eyelids, at the same time colorant with a force, mixing up with a tear, extends on a conjunctiva of an eyeglobe and changes its color. At normal function of the lacrimal tubules and a dacryocyst colorant is sucked away through the lacrimal openings and the lacrimal tubules from the lacrimal lake in a dacryocyst in 1 — 2 min., and the conjunctiva of an eyeglobe gets usual coloring again. In this case To. the item is considered positive. At negative To. the item colorant long remains in a conjunctival sac. It is observed at impassability of the lacrimal tubules, a dacryocyst or the nasolacrimal channel.

See also the Lacrimal bodies .

Bibliography: The multivolume guide to eye diseases, under the editorship of V. N. Arkhangelsky, t. 6, page 276, M., 1959.

N. K. Ivanov.