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CALL Wilhelm (Kolle Wilhelm, 1868 — 1935) — the German microbiologist and the hygienist.

After training in high fur boots of Goettingen, Halle and Würzburg in 1893 it was accepted in R. Koch's in-t and in 1897 became the assistant, and since 1901 the head of the department of especially dangerous infections organized by it. In 1897 — 1899 headed an expedition to South Africa on studying of leprosy and plague of a cattle. In 1900 worked in Sudan. In 1906 it was invited to department of hygiene and bacteriology and to a post of the director Ying-that infectious diseases Bern un-that, Ying volume of serums and vaccines in Switzerland directed. Since 1917 Ying t of experimental therapy and Ying t of chemotherapy in Frankfurt am Main headed, having replaced on these posts of P. Ehrlich. Numerous researches B. A call cover a wide range of problems of microbiology, chemotherapy, including problems inf. intestinal pathology and safety inoculations. He developed together with R. Pfeyffer a method of production of vaccines against a typhoid (1896); offered and tested the weakened antiplague vaccine, serums against gas gangrene and plague of a cattle. During the studying of spirokhetoz of V. Kolle with sotr. created a number of new drugs of salvarsan [Sulfoxylsalvarsan (1918), Neosilbersalvarsan (1922) and Myosalvarsan (1927)] and developed a technique of testing them on harmlessness. During the studying of therapy of syphilis it showed that drugs of bismuth have property only to oppress the activator.

V. Kolle was the author and the editor of a number of the managements.

Works: Die experimentelle Bakteriologie und die Infektionskrankheiten, 1st prod., V., 1906, 8 prod., V., 1938 (sovm, with other, Russian lane, SPb., 1908, 1912); Handbuch der Salvarsantherapie, Bd 1—2, B. — Wien, 1924 — 1925 (an edition sovm, with Zieler K.); Myosalvarsan — drug of salvarsan for painless intramuscular and hypodermic use, Veins. and dermas., No. 9, page 797, 1927; Handbuch der pathogenen Mikroorganismen, Bd 1—10, B. — Wien, 1928 — 1931 (an edition sovm, with other).

Bibliography: Hetsch H. Wilhelm Kolle, Dtsch. med. Wschr., S. 849, 1935; S o b e r n h e i m G. Wilhelm Kolle, Schweiz, med. Wschr., S. 646, 1935.

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