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CALLOSITY (callositas; synonym: callus, tyloma, tylositas) — a limited thickening horn a layer of skin, the repeated mechanical irritations (pressure, friction) promoting local disturbance of blood circulation and strengthening of keratinization which developed on site.

The lake arises preferential on palms, heels, but can develop also on other places. Often O. develops on soles during the use of inconvenient footwear. Persons of certain professions (a professional stigma) have a characteristic arrangement of O.: at carpenters, mechanics — on palms and fingers of a hand, at shoemakers — in a patella, at violinists — on finger-tips of the left hand and on a chin. O.'s development is promoted hyperhidrosis (see) and flat-footedness (see).


In epidermis hyperkeratosis (see) and granulez, in a derma — a papillomatosis, edematous swelling of collagenic fabric, dystrophic changes of elastic fibers, sweat glands, vasodilatation with strengthening of their proliferation in fringe regions of O.

the Clinical picture

Usually O. has no clear boundary. O.'s surface smooth or rough, is less often covered with cracks; coloring is yellowish-brown, a form flat or convex. Sensitivity is reduced, morbidity can appear with a pressure, an inflammation as a result of infection, at formation of deep cracks.

O.'s kind is the callosity (clavus), edges develops on the dorsal party of interphalangeal joints more often, is more rare on a side surface of toes. The callosity has an appearance of the knotty site of the hyperkeratosis konusoobrazno putting in depth of skin. Callosities are very painful with a pressure. Under them there can be bubbles, abscesses.

The diagnosis is easy, based on a wedge, a picture. The differential diagnosis is carried out with bottom warts (see), with keratosic syphilitic papules (see. Syphilis ), hereditary keratozam (see).


warm soap or soda trays Are recommended, later to-rykh apply bandages with the ointments containing 10 — 15% salicylic or milk to - you. Apply a plaster or a collodion from 20 — 50% to a helotomy salicylic to - you. It is possible to use corn circles.


, repeated rates of vitamin A inside are shown to the Persons inclined in O.'s development, permanent care of skin is necessary (the softening hand creams and legs). It is necessary to avoid constant mechanical traumatization of skin, it is correct to select footwear, to treat flat-footedness, a hyperhidrosis.

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