CAKE LAYER Alexey Aleksandrovich

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CAKE LAYER Alexey Aleksandrovich (sort. in 1924) — the Soviet traumatologist-orthopedist, the member correspondent of AMH (1967), the winner of the State award USSR (1977).

CAKE LAYER Alexey Aleksandrovich

Ended Kharkiv medical in-t (1951), then worked in Kharkiv research in-those orthopedics and traumatology of M. I. Sitenko; since 1965 the director of it in-that.

At the same time (1955 — 1965) worked as the assistant, the associate professor and the prof. of department of orthopedics and traumatology of Ukrainian in-that improvements of doctors, and since 1966 heads it.

In 1962 protected dokt, the thesis devoted to heterotopic posttraumatic ossificates. A. A. Korzh published apprx. 250 scientific works, including 10 monographs, has 10 copyright certificates on inventions. Its researches are devoted to questions of pathology of a backbone, diseases and injuries of large joints, allotransplantation of bones and joints, an osteanagenesis, prosthetics. He offered a number of operational techniques: reconstruction of a thorax at a severe form of scoliosis, a front spondylodesis at the started spondylolisthesis, change of a head of a hip and reconstruction of a hip joint at congenital dislocation of a hip and the deforming coxarthrosis, a way of connection of a bone transplant with a bone of the recipient («lock fork»), etc.; is an initiator and the head of researches on creation and scientific justification of the express prosthetics method on the operating table directly after amputation of the lower extremities.

Under its management the St. 30 theses, including 17 doctor's are executed. A. A. The cake layer is the editor-in-chief of the «Orthopedics, Traumatology and Prosthetics» (1967) magazine, the chairman of the board Kharkiv and the deputy chairman of the board Vsesoyuzny scientific about-va traumatologists-orthopedists (1969), the honorary member Polish and the member of International (SIKOT) of societies of traumatologists-orthopedists (since 1969). He is an editor of department «Traumatology, orthopedics» of the 3rd prod. BME.

«the sign of Honour» and medals is awarded by the Orders of Lenin.

Works: Heterotopic to a posttravmaticha sky ossificates, yew., t. 1 — 2, Kharkiv, 1961; Surgery of bone and joint tuberculosis, Kiev, 1967 (sovm, with Novachenko N. P.); Quick accesses to chest and lumbar vertebrae, M., 1968 (sovm, with other); The Fibrous dysplasia of a bone tissue, Kiev, 1971 (sovm, with other); Reparative regeneration of a bone, M., 1972 (sovm, with other); The Homoplasty in treatment of tumors of bones, Kiev, 1973 (sovm, with Talyshinsky R. R.); Amputation of extremities and express prosthetics, Kiev, 1975 (sovm, with Berdnikov V. A.).

Bibliography: Alexey Aleksandrovich Korzh (to the 50 anniversary since birth), Ortop, and travmat., No. 5, page 86, 1974.

E. M. Morozova.