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CAILYN Deyvid (Keilin David, 1887 — 1963) is the English physiologist and the biochemist, the member London royal about-va (1928), Parisian (1955), Polish academies of Sciences (1959), the American academy of Sciences and arts (1959), the honourable doctor of Universities of Bordeaux 1, Brussels, Liege.


Studied in Liege un-those, and then completed a course in Laboratory of evolution of live organisms in Paris (1915). Same year protected dokt, the thesis in Sorbonne. Since 1915 the assistant in Cambridge where since 1925 began to give a course of parasitology. Since 1931 the prof. of biology and Moltensky's director in-that biology and parasitology Cambridge un-that. Since 1934 the editor of the Parasitology magazine.

The main works of D. Keylin are devoted to studying of a role tsitokhrom (see) in biol, oxidation. He established that cytochrome is universal enzyme of tissue respiration of all animals and plants; conducted a comparative research of gemsoderzhashchy pigments: hemoglobin of mammals, hemocyanin of mollusks and haemoerythrin of worms; studied peroksidazny systems of plants, opened and received in pure form a karboangidraza — the first of Zn-codepzhashchikh of proteins, and also hemocuprein in a crystal look (1938); found out that in the sterile blood samples stored 40 years without freezing remain not changed hemoglobin and activity of a catalase and karboangidraza. A number of its researches is devoted to studying of influence of freezing and drying on life expectancy of cells.

For researches in the field of respiratory pigments it is awarded medals Royal about-va (1939), and for works in the field of a protozoology, entomology and enzymology of a medal of Copley (1951).

Works: On cytochrome, respiratory pigment, Proc. roy. Soc. B, v. 98, p. 312, 1925—1926; Respiratory systems and respiratory adaptations in larvae and pupae of Diptera, Parasitology, v. 36, p. 1, 1944; Hemoglobin of gastrophilus larvae, Bio-chem. J., v. 40, p. 855, 1946 (sovm, with Wang Y. L.); The history of cell respiration and cytochrome, Cambridge, 1966.

Bibliography: Krivobokova S. S. Biological oxidation, page 137, M., 1971; Dixon M. a. Tate P. David Keilin, 1887-^-1963, J. gen. Microbiol., v. 45, p. 159, 1966, bibliogr.; Mann T. Prof. David Keilin, Nature (Lond.), v. 198, p. 736, 1963.

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